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You’re ‘genetically defective’ – White nationalist Richard Spencer’s wife accuses him of abusing her for eight years including dragging her down the stairs, verbal abuse in front of kids

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Estranged wife of White Nationalist Richard Spencer alleges he was says physically and emotionally abused her in divorce filings 
Russian born Nina Kouprianova accused Spencer of abusing her for eight years including by dragging her down the stairs calling her ‘genetically defective’
After 8 years of marriage Nina Kouprianova said Spencer’s controversial high-profile as a white supremacist also exposed her and their children as potential targets of abuse
Kouprianova claims her estranged husband called her ‘genetically defective’ in front of their young daughter
40-year-old Spencer is also accused of stating that the only language women understand is violence’
His keeping of firearms in the home within reach of children was cited as one of the reasons for divorce  
Richard Spencer and Nina Kouprianova 1.JPGWhite Nationalist Richard spencer [left] has been accused of domestic abuse and battery by his wife Nina Kouprianova [right] who claims that she ‘has been reluctant to call police or seek an order of protection for fear of further reprisal by Spencer’

The wife of white nationalist leader, Richard Spencer, has accused him of physically, verbally and emotionally abusing her throughout their eight-year marriage.
Nina Kouprianova said Spencer once left her with bruises after pinning her to the floor, then dragging her out of bed and down the stairs in 2011.
She also said he ‘attacked’ and bruised her again in 2014, when she was four months pregnant with their first child.
In court documents filed as part of their divorce, Kouprianova accused the far-right figurehead, who she married in 2010, of being ‘physically, emotionally, verbally and financially abusive’.
Spencer, 40, was one of the organizers of the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, last year where a woman protesting against white supremacy was killed when a car ran her over and he claims to have invented the term ‘alt-right’.

Richard Spencer 9.jpgRichard Spencer [photo], has deniednallegations of physical and emotional abuse by his estranged wife during their eight-year marriage


Richard Spencer 7Kouprianova alleges that alt-right spearhead, Richard Spencer [photo], kept a loaded gun in their house which was in reach of their children
Nina Kouprianova 2Richard Spencer’s Russian born wife Nina Kouprianova [photo, claims that his controversial high-profile as a white supremacist exposed her and their children as potential targets of abuse

Kouprianova also states in court documents filed in Montana that Spencer’s controversial high-profile as a white supremacist made her and their children targets of abuse.
The document also allege that, ‘much of the abuse has occurred in the presence of the parties’ children’, and that Spencer kept a loaded weapon in his bedroom that was ‘accessible by children’ after he was ‘assaulted in public’ on the day of President Donald Trump’s inauguration.
Spencer is a figurehead for US far-right groups and popularized the term ‘alternative right’, to describe a fringe movement mixing white nationalism, anti-Semitism and other far-right extremist views.
He is also the president of white supremacist think tank the National Policy Institute.
The 40-year-old says he rejects the label of white supremacist and considers himself a white nationalist or ‘white identitarian’.
During the Charlottesville violence in 2017, Spencer was said to have boasted ‘we own these streets’ during a conspiracy to commit racially motivated violence, which led to a women being killed when a car drove into crowds, a civil separate lawsuit in May alleged.

nina-kouprianova 4.gifSpencer’s ex-wife Nina Kouprianova accused him of calling her ‘genetically defective’ and a ‘parasite’ while verbally abusing her in front of their young daughter.

In the divorce filings, Koupriianova alleged Spencer had increased his “alcohol consumption,” which “contributes to his aggressive and erratic behavior and reduces his impulse control.” Spencer denied this.
She accused him of calling her ‘genetically defective’ and a ‘parasite’ while verbally abusing her in front of their young daughter.
The documents also claim that Spencer was verbally abusive to their children’s babysitter, including in front of their children, where he allegedly called the babysitter a “fucking sub-mediocre human being” and a “fucking moron.” The court filing goes on to claim both children had been adversely impacted by his behavior.
“None of the allegations of ‘abuse’ have anything to do with my children,” Spencer wrote in his own 48-page affidavit.

Richard Spencer 8.JPGAlt right organizer Richard Spencer [in sun glasses], and his supporters clash with Virginia State Police during the infamous Charlottesville march in 2017

Spencer’s ‘controversial public life’ was cited as a reason for the divorce proceedings as it had led ‘his entire family to be targets of violence’.
Kouprianova added in the affidavit that, ‘despite the risk to his family, [Spencer] continues to engage in extremely polarizing public speech advocating ‘peaceful ethnic cleansing’ and a white-only ‘ethno-state’ which tends to invite passions and violence.
‘Most, if not all, of [Spencer’s] public speaking events result in violence.’

Richard Spencer was an organizer of last summer’s deadly white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, to protest the city’s plans to remove a statue of Robert E. Lee from a park that was also named after the Confederate general.
Spencer calls his views ‘alt-right’ and advocates a white ‘ethno-state’ as well as the cleansing of non-whites from America and espouses anti-Semitic and anti-immigrant beliefs.
Spencer told the Associated Press yesterday that he is ‘not an abusive person’ and said his wife was ‘never in a dangerous situation’.
Kouprianova describes herself as a Russian analyst who ‘busts myths about Russia’, where she was born before emigrating to Canada.
In a letter to her local newspaper, the Flathead Beacon, she described the abuse she suffered due to her husband’s controversial political views and rallies.
She describes her political views as being ‘not a member of any movement’, with left-wing and conservative beliefs.
In 2016 Spencer told the Washington Post the couple had separated.

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