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‘I decapitated Daniel Correa Freitas after I caught him assaulting my wife’ – Suspect in death and mutilation of Brazilian pro soccer player claims he severed victim’s genitals ‘after catching the player raping his wife at a party’

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Suspect in murder of Brazilian soccer player Daniel Correa Freitas accuses dead soccer player of sexually assaulting his wife 
Freitas’ body was found on October 27 in São José dos Pinhais, south Brazil, partially beheaded. His genitals were dismembered after his death. 
Businessman Edison Brittes Junior claims he caught the Freitas attacking his wife of 20 years in his home
38-year-old Brittes Junior confessed to murdering the soccer player and severing his genitals ‘after catching the player raping his wife’ on his marital bed, during his daughter’s 18th birthday party
The body of Daniel Correa Freitas, 24, who starred for pro-soccer club, Sao Paulo FC, was found in a bush in the Brazilian state of Parana
Edison Brittes, as well as his wife Cristiana, and 18-year-old daughter Allana, have been held on suspicion of being involved in the death of the soccer player
The suspect who was arrested three days after the body was discovered,  has appeared in a video to claim he found player raping his wife Cristiana in his home
Junior claimed after he dragged Freitas off his wife he killed him in a ‘moment of madness’
police dispute his account of events, insisting here’s noeidence the victim had sex with Brittes wife
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A man suspected of murdering Brazilian footballer Daniel Correa Freitas [photo L-R],  who was found dead with his genitals cut off has claimed he caught the player trying to rape his wife at a party

A husband has confessed to murdering a Brazilian footballer and severing his genitals – claiming he caught the player raping his wife at a party.
The mutilated body of Sao Paulo star Daniel Correa Freitas was discovered in a bush in Sao Jose dos Pinhais in Brazil‘s southern state of Parana.
Before his death, he had reportedly been invited to the 18th birthday party of Allana Brittes.
Her father, businessman Edison Brittes Junior, was arrested three days later and confessed to killing the 24-year-old soccer player in a ‘moment of madness’.
38-year-old Brittes Junior, considered a suspect in the brutal murder of Freitas, went on Brazilian television to claim he found Freitas, 24, trying to sexually assault Cristiana and had to drag him off his wife of 20 years
Appearing in a video, the suspect claimed he found Freitas, ‘raping’ his wife Cristiana at the family home.

More details are set to emerge as police confirmed they are interviewing the wife to establish what took place on the night the footballer died.
In the video, the suspect claims he found the victim ‘raping’ his wife and the door to his bedroom locked.
‘When I went to the room, the door was locked,’ he claimed.
‘He [Freitas] had entered the room and taken off his clothes and locked the door. I broke open the door to my bedroom.
‘When I opened the door he was on top of my wife. She was screaming for help.’
But investigators said the ‘facts don’t add up’ and they are looking for three more suspects.
‘Regardless of what happened between Daniel and the wife of the main suspect, the reaction of the aggressor was disproportionate. He was beaten and killed cruelly,’ said detective Amadeu Trevisan.
‘It has not yet been proven whether the player had sex with the suspect’s wife,’ he continued.
‘We are identifying who was in the house with the main suspect on that night. We believe three people entered the car with [Edison] and the player [in order] to kill Daniel.’
Freitas’ body was found on October 27 in São José dos Pinhais, south Brazil. He had been partially beheaded. His genitals were dismembered after his death.
According to the detective, the victim was beaten and tortured before being placed in the boot of the car.
The suspect’s lawyer maintains that, despite being accompanied by friends, the husband committed the crime on his own.
According to investigators, the suspect lost control when he saw Daniel lying in the same bed as his wife, Cristiana and allegedly beat the player.
Police believe that about ten people witnessed Daniel’s beating. A key witness testified on October 31 that the player was found wearing his underwear and t-shirt lying beside the wife.

The suspect claimed he lost control when he assaulted Daniel.
‘I was terrified when I saw him with my wife.’
‘I got him out of the house, I do not know if he was awake, unconscious, if he had his eyes closed.’.
After the assault, the suspect said he put the footballer’s body in the trunk of the car and took him out of the house with three friends.
He claimed his friends tried to stop him from committing the crime, ‘but they could not do it’.
He reportedly used a knife to kill the player.
‘I had a knife in the car, a small knife, which I used in the car, which stays with the tools in the trunk.
‘I did not know that I was going to do that, I was desperate. I looked in the trunk and saw what I had,’ the suspect allegedly said.
A witness told police that when they got to the family home, everyone was drinking and talking. According to the witness, Cristiana and Allana went to sleep, and minutes later, Daniel disappeared from the group.

In a message sent at 8.09am, he wrote to his friends: ‘I came to Curitiba … for a birthday party.’
Minutes later, at 8.17am, the player allegedly sent another message, saying that he would ‘eat the mother’ of the birthday girl, and that Allana’s father was also there.
Then, at 8.34am, Daniel sent another text saying ‘I ate her’.
The player allegedly sent two images in which he appears next to Cristiana, who is sleeping. Then he said goodbye and this was his last conversation with his friends.
According to police, it is not yet known whether the player had sex with Junior’s wife. Police also say that the circumstances leading up to death are unclear.
Three other suspects thought to have participated in the footballer’s beating are still being hunted by detectives.
Midfielder Daniel was loaned by São Paulo to São Bento, a team playing for Series B of the Brazilian Championship. In 2017, he played for Coritiba.


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