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NY man who left friend to die in burning car gets 4 to 12 years – Saeed Ahmad was convicted for manslaughter after fleeing the scene of a 2017 car crash, his trapped pal, Harleen Grewal, perished in the blaze

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Saeed Ahmad paid for his cold-blooded reaction of abandoning his passenger in the blaze of a car he’d crashed
Ahmad, 24, was jailed 4 to 12 years after he was convicted for manslaughter in the death of Harleen Grewal
Greenwald, 25, died in the burning wreck of Saeed’s car on Oct 13, 2017
Saeed who was driving on a suspended licence, was drunk and weaving recklessly in and out of traffic before the beltway crash
He did not pause to help his friend in the passenger or call 911 for emergency help
Instead, he walked across the road, flagged down a cab and went the emergency room as the wreck was engulfed by flames


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