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Christian musician, whose family appeared on reality show ‘Wife Swap,’ cops insanity plea to murdering family – Jacob Stockdale shot his mother and brother, but failed in a suicide bid

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Christian musician whose family appeared on Wife Swap when he was a teen, claims diminished capacity on the day he murdered his mother and brother
Jacob Stockdale, 26, on Thursday entered an insanity plea for killing his mom Katryn Stockdale, 54, and 21-year-old brother, Jason Stockdale in 2017
After shooting the pair, he shot himself in the head but survived 
Stockdale was charged with the murders in September and pleaded not guilty 
A grand jury decided the death penalty was not applicable in his case
Prosecutors are yet to suggest a motive for the double murder
Last year, the woman who looked after Jacob on the show said his strict religious upbringing made him ‘snap’ 
The family appeared in 2008 episode of the hit ABC series Wife Swap  
Jacob Stockdale 2Domestic homicide suspect: Jacob Stockdale on Thursday entered an insanity plea for in the fatal shooting of his mother and brother in 2017
A member of an Ohio family band that was featured on the show Wife Swap nine years ago has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity to killing his mother and brother.
The Stockdale family came to national attention in 2008 after appearing in an episode of the ABC reality TV series “Wife Swap,” in 2008.
Almost a decade later, in June of 2017, 24-year-old Jacob Stockdale fatally shot his  54-year-old mother Kathryn Stockdale and his younger brother James Stockdale, 21.
The Christian musician turned the gun on himself after the killings, but survived. Jacob, now 26, is charged with murder in the killings.
On Thursday, Stockdale entered the insanity plea in Stark County Court and suggested that he might not be competent to stand trial, reported TMZ.
Stockdale’s defense attorney asked a judge to appoint a doctor to conduct a mental health evaluation to determine whether he was legally sane at the time of the June, 2017 slayings.
A previous evaluation found Stockdale competent. 

Katryn Stockdale and her son Jason Stockdale 1      Killed: Jacob Stockdale shot dead his 21-year-old brother Jason [left] and his 54-year-old mother Kathryn [right] in June, 2017, then turned the gun on himself. He failed in his suicide bid 

Stockdale has spent the last year undergoing rehabilitation and medical treatment for his brain and head injuries resulting from the self-inflicted gunshot wound. 
In September, after recovering, Stockdale was charged with the murders. 
Last month, a grand jury had decided not to apply the death penalty in his case. Stockdale remains in custody.
At the time that he appeared on Wife Swap, Jacob was just a teenager. 
His family was memorable because of their strict Christian faith and because they had formed a band together. 

He is one of four but two of his brothers and his father were not at home when he opened fire last year. Neighbors said they heard between 10 and 12 shots between at the family’s 150-year-old farm.

Jacob (right) is shown on the show with his mother and brother when he was 16    Jacob at 16, [right] is shown on the Tv reality show with his mother and brother Jason who was 13 at the time  
Jacob is pictured in a photograph taken before the shooting. His lawyer said last year that he is 'ongoing medical needs'. A motive has not been suggested by the prosecution   Insane killer?  Jacob Stockdale [photo] before he shot his mother and sibling. He is claiming he was insane during the murders. His lawyer last year said he has ‘ongoing medical needs’.
After the killings last year, Laurie Tonkovic, who looked after him on the show after trading places with Kathryn, said his strict upbringing caused him to ‘snap’.

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