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Deaths of Texas mother, her two daughters ruled ‘murder-suicide’; Nichol Olsen believed to have shot daughters, 10 and 16, before shooting her self – Cops name boyfriend a ‘person of interest’

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Authorities in San Antonio have officially ruled the deaths of a 37-year-old hair stylist and her two daughters a double murder-suicide. However, the investigation is ongoing and they are considering the her boyfriend a ‘person of interest,’ police said
Nichol Leila Olsen was found dead from a gunshot wound to the head on January 10 inside her home in the 11300 block of Anaqua Springs in San Antonio, along with her daughters London Bribiescas, 10, and Alexa Montez, 16.

A day before London, described as bubbly and creative, was supposed to try out for the televised talent competition America’s Got Talent, she was found dead along with her older sister. Both girls were shot in the head, while London, a fifth-grader at Leon Springs Elementary School, also sustained a wound to the neck.

The bodies of the mother and daughters were discovered by Olsen’s 31-year-old boyfriend, Charles Wheeler, who told police he had returned home at 9am after spending the night elsewhere.
Olsen and her children lived with him in a $1million home he bought last year in a gated community.
Wheeler is considered a ‘person of interest’ but not a suspect in the shootings, reported
The went on to say that Wheeler has submitted to tests inspecting his hands for traces of gunpowder residue, ,’ Salazar said
‘He’s been cooperative with us knowing full well that under the circumstances he’s a person of interest,’ Salazar said. ‘We’re not calling anybody a suspect at this point.’

Wheeler’s attorney, Mark Stevens, has asked the public not to jump to conclusions and demonize his client, who he said did not commit the crime.
at the time that the girls were undoubtedly victims of foul play but he could not confirm whether Nichol,a hairdresser, had also been murdered or if she had taken her own life.
On Monday, he revealed that the medical examiner had determined that Nichol killed herself but said his office is still investigating what happened.
It coincides with disbelief from Nichol’s many friends and relatives who have spoken out to say she would ‘never’ have harmed herself let alone the two girls.

‘The medical examiner’s findings are independent to what we may find.
‘We owe it to the public, to continue this investigation and so we can’t just say well this is what the medical examiner says case closed.
There are way too many unanswered questions… we have to go out and find out who killed these two young ladies.
‘The fact that Nichol Olsen’s death has been ruled a suicide, we can’t just say “well she must be the one who did this to these little girls.”
‘We have to go out and find out who it was that killed these two young ladies.

Sheriff Javier Salazar 1Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar details the ongoing investigation into the shooting deaths of local hairstylist Nichol Olsen and her two daughters

‘The evidence my leads us back to somebody in the house but it may not,’ Sheriff Salazar said.
Later, he said there were ‘way too many unanswered questions’ and that the department ‘absolutely’ had people they considered persons of interest – but he would not say who those people are.
‘This case is far from over,’ he said.

Police recovered a weapon from the house but they will not say who it belonged to.
As part of their probe, police are looking into cell phone usage and the towers they pinged from.
No one has been arrested for the killings and Bexar County Sheriff’s Office did not answer’s multiple questions about the case on Monday morning.

Charles Wheeler 2Nichol Olsen’s boyfriend Charles Wheeler [photo], who is the home owner, is not a suspect and has been cooperative since the beginning of the investigation, police said

Police say Charles Wheeler has been cooperative throughout the investigation.
‘[He] has been very cooperative from the onset. Understandably, he’s upset.
‘He has someone he was in an intimate relationship with and two children that by all accounts he cared for [who] have all passed in a very violent fashion.

‘I can tell you with regard to the information that we have that he was at another location, we’re still investigating that,’ Sheriff Salazar said.
Friends believe the mother-of-three was victim like her daughters and they’re seeking answers.
‘Nichol was a loving mother who cared deeply for her children.
‘They were her entire world, and there was nothing she was more proud of than her kids.
‘Everyone close to Nichol knows that she put her children above all, loved them with all her heart, and there’s no possible way Nichol would ever hurt her children,’ another friend added.

Olsen reportedly, was preparing to enter London, who was in the fifth grade, in America’s Got Talent when they were both killed.
‘Nichol was a very caring woman, had so much love in her heart, and too much to live for to ever hurt anyone including herself.
‘We pray that whoever did this will be brought to justice soon,’ they said.
Others, including Alexa’s grieving father, have told how she was a loving mother who would never have brought harm to her children.
One friend said: ‘She was an amazing mother who guarded her children like a hawk.

Nichol Olsen and her boyfriend Charles Wheeler 1Wheeler and Olsen, shown [photo],during a recent trip to San Diego, appeared happy on social media.  Wheeler owns an oil rigging and maintenance businesss
Nichol Leila Olsen 1The medical examiner had determined that Nichol killed herself. But, did this doting mother kill her daughters as well?

‘There was nothing she wouldn’t of done for her children…I hope we get justice very soon for this horrible crime & they catch this monster who took life from you and your beautiful girls.’
Another wrote on Facebook: ‘She was so beautiful. She would never hurt herself or her girls. Domestic violence is real.’

Olsen’s loved ones who do not believe she took her own life are killing her children have started a GoFundMe page titled ‘Searching for the truth.’ The goal of the campaign is to raise $50,000 to get to the bottom of what happened. As of Friday morning, more than $14,600 has been raised.
Carlos Montez, Nichol’s estranged husband, said they had a good relationship for the sake of their daughter.
‘I remember the day I met Nichol Olsen. We were both so young that we rushed into marriage thinking we had it all figured out.
‘…We tried as best we could to keep things together but life gets messy every now and then.
‘Through our differences and divorce we both agreed on what was best for our daughter. Nothing ever changed from then on.
‘My mother and sister loved Nichol and she never kept Alexa from us and vice versa.
‘We always did what was best for our baby,’ he said.
Before their marriage, she was briefly married to James William Nobles. The pair have 22-year-old son together.

Candle lit vigil honoring Nichol Olsen and her two daughters Alexa Denise Montez, and London SophiaCandle lit vigil for Nichol Olsen and her two daughters, Alexa Denise Montez, 16, and London Sophia Bribiescas, 10,at the Oblate Mission Lourdes Grotto in San Antonio on Jan 16

She did not marry London’s father, Hector Bribiescas. He has not commented publicly since his daughter’s death.
A family friend has launched an online campaign in London Bribiescas’s memory seeking to raise $20,000 to upgrade the monkey enclosure at the Austin Zoo because the 10-year-old loved the animals.
The woman who created the campaign wrote movingly about her final encounter with 10-year-old London a shortly before her death.
‘London spent New Year’s and the week before her death with my family in Austin, Texas. During this visit, we went to the Austin Zoo. She could not stop talking about the monkeys.
‘All she wanted to see were the monkeys.
‘While there, I shared with her that we were planning to do some sort of addition to the tortoise exhibit, as a memorial to her great-grandmother, who passed away a few months ago, and loved tortoises…In passing, she said, “When I die, can you do that for the monkeys for me? They need a bigger cage.”… She was 10, so of course I jokingly told her that she would outlive me, and that she should let her future kids know this, so they can do it for her.
‘We then laughed about how old I was, and I honestly didn’t think about this conversation much, until after we heard the news that she was gone…’

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