Gary Steele 2     Out of control law keeper or racist? The footage was posted on Tuesday by Detroit police Cpl Gary Steele [photo] mocked a young Black woman he ordered to trudge in arctic type temperatures. He is under investigation by the dept

A Detroit police officer has been demoted after filming a woman walking home after he had impounded her car in the freezing cold.
Footage posted on Tuesday shows corporal Gary Steele from the Detroit Police Department use condescending remarks as he films 23-year-old Ariel Moore walking away from her car near Stout Street and Joy Road on Detroit’s west side.

During the video, which was posted on Snapchat with headline ‘what black girl magic looks like’, Steele is heard saying ‘bye Felicia’ as the woman walks away with her back to the camera on a night when temperatures in Detroit plunged to -18F.
Detroit police confirm that Officer Gary Steele is restricted from working in the field after he posted the Snapchat. DPD says it is investigating after an cpl Steele posted a racist and demeaning Snapchat video of a woman he had pulled over for a traffic stop.

On Tuesday evening, Steele and another unidentified officer pulled over Ariel Moore for driving with expired license tabs. The officers ordered Moore to walk to her destination because of the expired tags.

Ariel Moore 1Cpl Gary Steele posted a racist tinged video of Ariel Moore [photo], walking in -18F temperature in Detroit, MI. She had been ordered to walk to her destination on Tuesday when two officers stopped her because of expired tags