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Ghoulish ‘serial rapist-killer murdered 11 women in three countries’ to ‘avenge his wife’s cheating’ – Bakhtiyor Matyakubov raped his victims before, some after killed them

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Bakhtiyor Matyakubov, who’s 11 murders spanned his native Uzbekistan, Russia and Ukraine raped most of the victims before and some after he’d killed them
In one instance he ‘raped the corpse of a woman he had beheaded’ – cops
Matyakubov, 45, who was sentenced to life in Ukraine for three murders, is now facing trial in Moscow over the deaths of five additional women
Formerly married, the serial killer-rapist murdered the women  to ‘avenge his wife’s cheating’ 
Investigators say he hated women from childhood and threatened to rape and kill again if released
Investigators said they have established that Matyakubov [photo], had a pathological ‘hatred of women since childhood’

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