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‘Put down your weapon!’ Black man collecting trash from his OWN yard in Boulder, Colorado is confronted by at least FIVE cops demanding he drop litter-picker he was holding

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Black man collecting trash from his OWN yard is confronted by at least FIVE cops yelling at him to ‘put down your weapon’ even though he was only carrying a litter-picker
Black man sitting outside his own house in Colorado on FMonday morning, picking up trash was detained by police
The police officer told the homeowner that he [officer] didn’t believe he was allowed to be there 
Video shows five cops confronting him and telling him to ‘put down the weapon’
‘Weapon’ turned out to be a litter-picker and the man was eventually let go 
Boulder police have now launched an investigation into the incident

Distressing video has revealed how a black man was confronted by at least five police officers while picking up trash outside his own house in Boulder, Colorado.
Footage taken from inside the home shows the man, who is identified as Zayd by his friend, having an angry conversation with an officer on Friday morning.
Boulder police have now launched an investigation after the video caused fury when it was posted online, and say the officer who initially confronted the man has been put on administrative leave.

Cops draw guns on black man picking up trash on his property in Boulder Clorado on Wednesday
Zayd can be heard repeatedly telling the officers that he lives at the property.
At one point he claims there are eight officers surrounding him, though only five are visible at any one time in the video.
fter almost 15 minutes the situation begins de-escalating and Zayd goes over to have a conversation with one of the officers.

The two men spend several minutes talking before sharing a fist-bump as Zayd walks back into the house and the video ends.
Boulder police say they are now investigating the incident.
Police said in a press release said the altercation began after an officer saw a man sitting in a partially enclosed patio area behind a private property sign around 8.30am.
The officer asked the man whether he was allowed to be there, to which the man said he lived there and was picking up trash.
He then showed the officer his school identity card.
The officer detained the man to investigate further and then called for backup, saying the man was unwilling to put down ‘a blunt object’, meaning the litter-picker.
A supervisor and several other officers responded to the call, but left after determining that the man had a right to be there.

Police Chief Greg Testa spoke to the city council on Tuesday night during which he said the incident was ‘extremely concerning’ and promised a full investigation.
‘All aspects of this incident, specifically the actions of the initial officer are being investigated,’ he said.
The probe will include interviews with everyone who was involved in the incident, and reviews of all footage including body camera footage. The incident has sparked local protests with protesters holding ‘black lives matter’ posters.

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