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Cops fear Nipsey Hussle murder suspect, Eric Holder, aka S**tty Cuz will be killed in custody – hold him in solitary, bail set at $7M

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Nipsey Hussle murder suspect Eric Holder, 29, aka S**tty Cuz placed in solitary confinement
Cops fear he will be killed in custody
S**tty Cuz is accused of gunning down Hussle, 33, outside the latter’s clothing store in LA’s Hyde Park neighborhood on Sunday
Both men had been in the gangs in their younger days, but Hussle got out and was committed to helping police curb gang violence
After videos emerged of Holder shooting Hussle, reports of he’s being ‘Green lighted’ by the Crips surfaced online
Fearing the suspect might be killed in the streets, cops arrested him shortly after on Tuesday
Cops still believing he still could be killed in custody are hold him in solitary confinement
Wedenesday morning a judge set Holder’s bail at $7,040,000Eric Holder [left] is the suspect in the assassination of rapper Nipsey Hussle [right]. He was arrested Tuesday. Reports say LAPD fearng he might be killed in custody have placed him in solitary

The purported gang member accused of gunning down Nipsey Hussle is in solitary confinement because cops fear he’ll be killed in custody.
Eric Holder is cooling his heels at a police station in south Los Angeles and being kept away from the general population, TMZ reported on Wednesday.
Cops scrambled to arrest the 29-year-old suspect believing someone could kill him on the street. Now, they fear he could be targeted while in custody.

Holder, whose street name is “S–tty Cuz,” will also be holed up in solitary confinement once he’s transferred to LA County Jail pending trial, sources told TMZ.

  Murder suspect Eric Holder is shown shooting Nipsey Hussle on Saturday in LA

Holder is caught on camera fleeing  the scene after shooting Hussle and the two men with him

After his arrest on Tuesday cops fearing for his health have kept Eric Holder in solitary confinement. His bail is set at $7M

 To ensure Holder remains healthy for trial bail was set Wednesday morning at more than $7.04 million.if there’s any doubt about him seeing the light of day before his trial … a judge set
Cops hunted for Holder for three days before arresting him in Bellflower, Calif. on Tuesday afternoon.
Charges against him were not immediately announced.

Hussle, 33, was shot to death Sunday outside his clothing store in LA’s Hyde Park neighborhood.
Despite past gang ties Los Angeles Police Department Chief Michael Moore said Tuesday that the slaying was over a personal beef,  not a gang dispute. He said Holder is a gang member but didn’t elaborate.

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  1. Jason Perez 112293 // August 12, 2019 at 5:05 pm // Reply

    Shity cuz is a g …… Nipsey swear he’s so hard but ain’t nobody out there got a gun LOL….. Shity run up on him and pop his ass a few times and then drop a boot to the Head . He’s a g Fuck Nip…. This real Midwest gangster Crip. That s*** would never happen out here.

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