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“Get me out!” Stunned rescuers find motorist alive and talking wedged inside the footwell of his mangled sub-compact after horror crash with two lorries in Brazil

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  Auto crash victim Davi Cardoso waved his arm while trapped in the wreckage to signal that he’s alive

Auto crash victim Davi Cardoso stunned onlookers when he survived the pile up as he waved his arm while trapped in the mangled metal.
Photographs show the miraculous moment a motorist was found alive and talking while wedged in his mangled car after a horrific crash between two lorries.
Davi Cardoso, 35, was still alive when he was pulled from the wreckage in Brazil following a three-hour rescue.

Two lorries crush Cardoso’s small Fiat Punto when it is caught in between the two lorries

The victim sustained serious but non-life threatening injuries with a fractured pelvis and broken leg and was airlifted to João XXIII Hospital where is he expected to make a full recovery.
The victim was driving home from work in Belo Horizonte, which is 272 miles north of Rio de Janeiro, on April 11 when the horrendous pile-up happened during rush hour traffic on the BR-040 motorway.

Incredible footage of the collision between the three vehicles, shows the moment eye witnesses exclaimed in amazement as they discovered that the trapped driver buried inside the vehicle is alive, conscious and speaking.
As they gingerly pull open a section of shattered glass on the crumpled car, a Fiat Punto, the injured man moves an extended arm indicating that he has survived the horrifying ordeal.

First responders said they had just 30 centimetres separate the two lorries and free the trapped man

In a remarkable stroke of luck, it appears the victim was thrown into the footwell of the car, the only space inside the mangled vehicle that remained intact.

Fortunately, petrol didn’t leak from the stricken vehicle, although steam hissing from the engine caused alarm.
According to road traffic police, the accident was allegedly caused by the driver of another heavy goods vehicle who made a dangerous manoeuvre which precipitated the series of near tragic events.
Sergeant Fabiano Silva, military police officer, told Brazilian Record TV: “A truck in front of the red lorry apparently changed lanes without warning, forcing the driver of the red lorry to hit his brakes.
“Davi was travelling right behind the truck and was forced to slam on his brakes too.
“We believe the lorry behind Davi couldn’t stop in time and it ploughed into his car.
“It literally rode over and came to rest on top of his vehicle with the heavy weight of the cab crushing and sandwiching it underneath and pushing it beneath the rear axle of the red truck in front.”

No one could believe that the driver had survives such a catastrophic event which concertinaed the car leaving a space of just 30 centimetres between the two lorries.

In the footage, eyewitnesses are seen comforting Cardoso as crews arrive to free him

Davi Cardoso is surrounded by stunned eye witnesses who find he’s still alive and talking

Emergency crews gave Cardoso oxygen as they worked to free him from the crumpled metal

But even as he lay confused and in pain, the resilient victim pleaded with people to pull him out.
His muffled voice could be heard begging them to “get me out”.
But those immediately on the scene urged him to remain calm and said they weren’t able to do so while reassuring him that expert help was on the way.
Sergeant Silva said: “By the time I arrived Davi had passed out and we didn’t know whether he was alive or not.

But then we started to hear sounds and mummers from inside the vehicle.
“We took off the windscreen and he began to speak and told us he was in pain and finding it difficult to breathe.
Unfortunately we couldn’t remove him ourselves because we had to wait for the fire crew to make its way to the location, through the heavy traffic, with the right cutting and lifting equipment.”
A crane was used to lift the cab of the lorry off the top of the car and an inflatable device kept the heavy goods vehicle propped up and cushioned underneath to stabilise and prevent it from toppling over onto officers while they worked to release the victim.
Thiago Mirando, fire service captain, said: “It was a difficult and dangerous procedure prising the vehicles apart and keeping the victim’s health stable.”

A medical team hooked the injured man up to intravenous drips and a steady supply of oxygen as they continuously monitored the state of his health.
Fortunately no one else was in the car with Mr Cardoso as it could have been “a major tragedy” said captain Mirando.

The victim’s father and brother arrived at the accident scene as rescuers fought to free the trapped man from the wreckage.
They were seen hugging emergency crew with relief as onloookers cheered when the survivor was stretchered out.
Celebrating the rescue, his brother Mateus said they were “grateful for all the efforts made to save Davi and that it was nothing short of a miracle he had survived”.

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