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Portland white supremacist, Jeremy Christian, removed from court, screaming at black woman as she testifies that he assaulted her a day before he stabbed two Good Samaritans to death on a train

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Portland white supremacist screams at black woman as she testifies about how he assaulted her a day before he stabbed two Good Samaritans to death on a train
Jeremy Christian, 36, is on trial for murdering two men and trying to murder another on board the MAX train in May 2017
The suspect allegedly targeted and harassed two Muslim women during the morning commute
He was harassing two young black girls when Ricky John Best, Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche and Micah Fletcher intervened
Christian whose priors includes felony robbery, kidnapping and weapon convictions, subsequently slit the throats of two and stabbed a third person who intervened before attempting to flee
Christian stabbed all three men, killing 23-year-old Namkai-Meche and Best, 53
21-year-old Micah David-Cole Fletcher was hospitalized with serious, but non life-threatening injuries 
He fled but was arrested afterwards and has been in custody ever since
On Friday, Demetria Hester told how he threw a bottle at her the day before the killings on the same train 
He erupted, repeatedly calling her a ‘liar’ and had to be removed from the court 

The train murder suspect was removed from court hearing, Friday  after an intense rant.
His trial has not yet begun but on Friday, a judge heard from witnesses to determine whether or not it should be delayed.
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Among them was Demetria Hester who says she was assaulted by Christian the day before the train stabbings because she was black.
As she spoke, Christian yelled: ‘Liar! Liar!’ and had to be removed from the courtroom.
The motion for a delay was a request to the court submitted by the defendant’s legal team.
Demetria Hester testified on Friday how the day before he killed two men, Christian threw a bottle at her, causing her to bleed

Destinee Magnum1.pngSpeaking shortly after the attack, Destinee Magnum,  one of the girls targeted by white supremacist Jeremy Christian on board a light rail train in Portland, thanked the Good Samaritans who died trying to protect her and her Muslim friend

He also screamed: ‘You’re not the only black person on MAX, liar!’
Hester told how the day before the stabbings, Christian threw a bottle at her on the train during a different rant against ‘blacks and Jews’.
It hit her and caused her to bleed, she said.
She says she contacted police about it but that nothing was done to stop him.
On May 26, he was harassing two black teenage girls who were sitting on the train, one of whom was wearing a headscarf, when the three men stepped in.

Jeremy Joseph 2.JPGJeremy Joseph Christian went on a stabbing rampage, attacking fellow commuters on a train in May, 2017 which left two people dead and one injured
Wielding a knife, he attacked all three, fatally wounding Best and Namkai-Meche. The two girls escaped unharmed.
Rick Best and Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Leche were both stabbed to death by Christian as they defended two young black girls from him.

Micah Fletcher, 21, was also stabbed but he survived the attack, but required surgery. He has attended court proceedings in the past.
Christian’s legal team has asked to delay the trial from June 24. They say they need more time to gather witnesses who could testify on his behalf and potentially save him from execution.
Before the attack, Christian an ex-con scraped by selling magazines on the side of the road.
He list of priors includes time in prison for armed robbery and had never held down a steady job.

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