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Councilman in Georgia who said interracial marriage ‘makes his blood boil’ considers stepping down as townsfolk protest against him – Town Mayor, Theresa Kenerly, is also under pressure after she refused to select a man for a job ‘because he’s Black’

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‘A Christian is supposed to … keep your races pure,’ – Jim Cleveland
Councilman in the Georgia town of Hoschton said the idea of interracial marriage ‘makes his blood boil’
Cleveland is considering resigning from his position on the city council after he came under fire for racist remark regarding interracial marriage
The idea ‘that’s just not the way a Christian is supposed to live’, he insists
And he’s not the only government official spewing racial remarks in Hoschton 
Hoschton Mayor Theresa Kenerly also faces calls for her resignation, officials say
In documents, Kenerly is quoted as saying that there was a strong candidate for the city administrator job ‘but he was Black and we don’t have a big black population’
Documents allege Kenerly didn’t believe that Hoschton ‘was ready for [a Black administrator]’

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