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Married Mississippi cop arrested for murder of woman he’d been ‘sleeping with’ – Matthew Kinne was arrested after Dominic Clayton was found shot in the back of the head at home by her 8-year-old son

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Mathew Kinne is accused of killing his mistress Dominic Clayton [right] 
Married Mississippi cop charged with murdering a woman he was ‘having an affair with’ who was found shot in the back of the head at home by her 8-year-old son
Oxford Police Officer Matthew Paul Kinne has been charged with the murder of mother-of-four Dominique Clayton in Mississippi 
Dominique Lashelle Clayton, a 32-year-old mother of four was found dead at home by her son Sunday after a relative dropped him off at home
Family members said she was shot in the back of the head while sleeping, on Sunday
The victim’s sister said the pair were in a relationship – Kinne ‘bought my sister a car, he had it in his name, he was about to get her a house, he basically just didn’t want his wife to find out,’ Shyjuan Clayton said
Kinne, a member of the OPD for four years, was arrested Monday night after Clayton was found dead by her son on Sunday.
Kinne has been an officer for four years and is being held in Panola County Jail
Dominic Clayton 5Dominique Clayton [L-R] allegedly was shot in the back of the head during a domestic dispute on Sunday. Her sister Shuyjuan said he was having an affair with married police officer Mathew Kinne and he simply ‘didn’t want his wife to find out’ the extramarital relationship

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