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Cops continue search for missing Connecticut mother – Jennifer Dulos was scared of her ‘volatile’ husband, accused him of cheating and said he had ‘sick revenge fantasies’ in application for custody of their children

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Jennifer Dulos, 50, is currently missing and was last seen on Friday morning when she dropped her children off at school and reported missing by her mother
Officers have shifted their search to a park that the car was found near on Friday  
The mother-of-five is said to be embroiled in a bitter split and custody battle with her estranged husband Fotis Dulos over their kids, aged between eight and 13
The couple were married for 14 years until Jennifer filed for divorce in 2017 
Jennifer claimed that Fotis was verbally abusive toward her and said he had exhibited ‘irrational, unsafe, bullying, threatening and controlling behavior’ 
She filed an emergency order for full custody of her children in July 2017, stating that she feared her estranged husband would kidnap their children  
A court-appointed guardian recommended that Fotis have limited access to his children and that all visits be supervised and all phone calls be taped
Jennifer Dulos’ husband called 911 the night before she filed for divorce and sought custody of their children in 2017, saying he didn’t know where they were 
Fotis Dulos, 51, called police around 9.30pm on June 19, 2017, to say he couldn’t get a hold of his wife after she had left with their five children for New York 
Police search for Jennifer Dulos 3On Wednesday police shifted their search to the 300-acre Waveny Park [photo].  Jennifer’s Chevy Suburban was found near the park, which is about a mile from her home

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