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Month-long search for missing four-year-old girl ends! Police confirm trash bag found near Arkansas freeway contains remains of Maleah Davis after her stepdad confessed dumping the body

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Trash bag was recovered near Arkansas freeway contains the remains of a child after Derion Vance confessed to dumping his stepdaughter’s body
Derion Marquise Vence, 27, is being held in Houston jail on a charge of tampering with human remains
Houston police said on Friday that trash bag in Arkansas contained the missing four-year-old girl’s body
Autopsy will be needed on order to confirm it is the body of Maleah Davis who was reported missing April 30
Remains arrived in Houston by plane on Saturday morning for DNA testing 
Information delivered by activist Quanell X led police to dump site of the body, after her stepfather Derion Vence allegedly told Quanell that the girl died by accident  
Chilling images show Maleah entering Vence’s Houston residence on April 30, never to be seen again
Three days later Vence is seen leaving the apartment with a black garbage bag in a laundry basket
He told cops a wild story of kidnappers taking Maleah after holding him hostage along with his one-year-old son
Vence is the ex-fiancé of Maleah’s mother, Brittany Bowens, who Quanell has stopped representing because he found inconsistencies in her story 
But Quanell revealed what stunned him most about his face-off with Vence was that he showed absolutely ‘no remorse’ for Maleah’s killing.
‘What hurt me [is] he had no remorse. He had no feelings of regret … and I can’t stop crying,’ an emotional Quanell admitted.
‘I had to stop myself from crying because he was so cold in this discussion with me. He cared more about what people think about him, than what he did with Maleah. There was no remorse.’
Theorizing why Vence would allegedly commit such an atrocious act, Quanell said he believed the stepfather snapped after finding out that Bowens was having an affair.
‘I asked him, ‘Are you a cold-blooded murderer?’ He said it was an accident … He wanted to make it clear everything he was doing for the children by himself.
‘He was cold. He had a cold spirit, almost like I don’t care spirit. That’s the part I expected emotions and remorse, there is none.’
Before eliciting the confession, Quanell briefly legally advised Maleah’s mother, Brittany Bowens, before announcing that he’d cut all ties with her this week.
‘I’m a father. I have daughters,’ Quanell told Fox26. ‘It was hard standing by Brittany’s side, but I had to do what I had to do to make sure I could find out everything – what happened to Maleah and where is she.’
Quanell alleges that he discovered early on with his time with Bowens that she had actively sought to cover up Vence’s abuse against her daughter on more than one occasion.
‘She never broke down in private conversations, always before the camera. She refused to ever say anything about Derion, even after charged with tampering with the body.’

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