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Scripture quoting South Carolina dad, Timothy Jones Jr, GUILTY of murdering his five children and driving their bodies around for a week – Jurors to deliberate on death penalty

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Computer engineer with Intel, convicted Tuesday of murdering his five children, by a jury in Lexington, South Carolina
Jurors will now deliberate the death penalty for  Timothy Jones Jr, after the state asked for capital punishment in the case
37-year-old Timothy Jones Jr committed the murders in Aug 2014, allegedly in a rage after his six-year-old son Nahtahn broke an electrical outlet in their Lexington, SC., mobile home
He was found guilty on all five counts of murder on Tuesday following a four-week death penalty murder trial and six hours of deliberation over two days 
The jury threw out the defense plea of not guilty by reason of insanity
Jones killed Nahtahn first by making him do hours of exercise, the court heard
He then strangled Mera, 8, and Elias, 7, with his hands, next he strangled two-year-old Gabriel and one-year-old baby, Abigail with a belt, prosecutors said 
After killing the children, Jones wrapped them in plastic, stashed the bodies in his SUV and drove across the US for nine days before leaving the bodies on a hilltop in Camden, Alabama
Jones faces the death penalty and the jury will determine his punishment – Sentencing begins Thursday at 8.45am 
Roberta Thornsberry 1Jones’ grandmother, Roberta Thornsberry [L-R], testifying for the defense, talked about his traumatic childhood as the son of a schizophrenic mother

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