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Brains behind the attack on MLB star David ‘Big Papi’ Ortiz ‘was paid $7,800 for the hit’, Domican police recover gun used in the shooting, arrest shooter and five others, search for seventh suspect continues

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‘David Ortiz’s shooter was offered nearly $8,000 to kill him’ – Police
Man behind the attack on Red Sox legend David ‘Big Papi’ Ortiz ‘was paid $7,800 for the hit’ as cops show the gun used in the shooting while the search continues for a seventh suspect
Prosecutors in Santo Domingo say two men on a motorcycle were seen talking to drivers in two other cars before the attack on the retired Red Sox slugger
Ortiz had gone on a night out with a friend before he was shot in the back 
Six suspects have been arrested and police say they are searching for a seventh
Rolfy Ferreyra, aka Sandy, 25, allegedly has admittedhe was the gunman
Ferreyra was the shooter and Garcia was driving the motorcycle, police said
The baseball star is recovering in Boston and is lucky to be alive, doctors say 
Ney Aldrin Bautista Almonte 1Police Maj. Gen. Ney Aldrin Bautista Almonte said the people behind the shooting of David Ortiz were paid $7,800. At a news conference in Santo Domingo on Wednesday he showed the public what investigators believe is the gun used to shoot Ortiz
Weapon in David Ortiz shooting 1The weapon allegedly used to shoot Ortiz is a Browning Hi-Power pistol, according to Dominican police
Oliver Moisés Mirabal Acosta [left] and Porfirio Ayendi Dechamps Vásquez [right] 1Dominican police released the mug shots of the six men in custody, including Oliver Moisés Mirabal Acosta [left] and Porfirio Ayendi Dechamps Vásquez [right]
Eddy Vladimir Feliz García (left) and Joel Rodríguez de la Cruz (right] 1Two more suspects in the shooting – Eddy Vladimir Feliz García [left] was the bike rider and Joel Rodríguez de la Cruz [right]
t six times a year, where he crossed paths with a wide variety of figures from the country’s legitimate and illegal business worlds, according to friends.
Ortiz studiously avoided mixing with shady characters, but a law-enforcement official said on condition of anonymity that officials were investigating whether Ortiz may have formed some relationship or acquaintance during a trip here that, without his knowledge, set off the chain of events leading to his shooting.
Among the suspects in custody was the alleged shooter, identified by authorities as Rolfy Ferreyra, aka Sandy, a skinny, tattooed 25-year-old who officials said had confessed to the shooting.
In a statement, officials said the weapon used, a Browning Hi Power semi-automatic pistol, had been handed to suspect Oliver Moises Mirabal Acosta, then to suspect Porfirio Allende Dechamps Vasquez, AKA The Kid, who buried it in the garden of his home.
Both men have been arrested and the gun has been recovered.
Also under arrest were Joel Rodríguez de la Cruz, aka Squiddy; Reynaldo Rodríguez Valenzuela, aka The Chinaman; and the suspected driver of the motorcycle, Eddy Vladimir Feliz García, aka The Package.
Many were caught in the same clothes they were seen wearing on surveillance video, Bautista said.
The four suspects still at large were identified as Luis Alfredo Rivas Clase, aka The Surgeon, as well as a woman known as The Venezuelan, or Red, and two other men, prosecutors said in a statement.
Luis Alfredo Rivas Class 1Luis Alfredo Rivas Class, a seventh suspect, has yet to be arrested as authorities search for him
Meanwhile, in Boston, Ortiz’s wife said in statement that the former Red Sox star was able to sit up and take some steps as he recuperates in the intensive care unit at Massachusetts General Hospital.
The Dominican Republic’s chief prosecutor Jean Alain Rodríguez Sánchez spoke at a news conference on Wednesday.
Earlier on Wednesday, local police said the attack on Ortiz in the Dominican Republic was a sophisticated hit-job involving two cars which staked him out before he was shot by a man on a motorcycle.
Ortiz, 43, was shot in the back on Sunday night as he had drinks with a friend at the Dial bar in Santo Domingo.
Dominican prosecutors said in a court document that one of the suspects, Mirabal Acosta, had been seen driving the Accent before mounting a motorcycle driven by 25-year-old Feliz García.
‘In one of the videos it was possible to observe both the accused and the shooter planning the commission of the incident right on Octavio Mejía Ricard Street, which is parallel to the place where the event took place,’ prosecutors said in the court document.
The document said Feliz García, the driver, was captured after he skidded and fell off his bike as the two tried to flee.
An enraged group of people captured Feliz García and beat him severely before handing him over to the police.
Mirabal Acosta was captured Tuesday night in Mao, in the northern Dominican Republic.
Feliz García’s lawyer said his client, who has been charged with being an accomplice to attempted murder, is an innocent motorcycle taxi driver who had no idea his passenger was going to commit a crime.
‘He didn’t know what they were going to do. He’s a fan of David’s,’ the lawyer, Deivi Solano, said Tuesday.
Feliz Garcia has now been charged with a slew of charges including attempted murder but his lawyer says he is an innocent moped taxi driver who had no clue what Acosta was planning.
Eddy Feliz Garcia 4Eddy Feliz Garcia, who was driving the motorcycle with the shooter on the back, was chased down before receiving a savage beating from the crowd at the scene of the shooting
Police are yet to confirm a motive but multiple law enforcement sources said earlier this week that the hitmen were hired by a reputed drug lord who believed Ortiz, who is married, was having an affair with his wife.
The baseball star’s representatives dismissed that it was over a woman but said they had no doubt it was a contract job.
Ortiz was flown back to Boston on Monday on a Red Sox plane.
He is now recovering in the hospital, where he is expected to remain for some time, but took his first steps yesterday.
Doctors say he is lucky to be alive. The bullet hit him in the back and exited through his stomach.
He had to have surgery to have part of his gallbladder removed and some of his intestines were taken out but he is expected to make a full recovery.

The baseball star is as much of a living legend in the Dominican Republic, where he was born, as he is in Boston, where he played for years on the Red Sox.
David Ortiz1David Ortiz is pictured above following his surgery in a hospital in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic after he was shot on Sunday evening. He is now in a Boston hospital
Dominican media late Tuesday posted a photo on Twitter showing the alleged gunman.
The former Red Sox slugger had a second surgery on Tuesday though it is not clear what it was for.
Afterwards, he took his first steps in front of Tiffany and their teenage children.
He first had surgery to remove part of his intestines and gallbladder. It is unclear what the second surgery was for but his spokesman said he took his first steps afterwards.
On Monday, Ortiz’s 14-year-old son D’Angelo took to Instagram to share a photograph of his father, writing: ‘Pops I Love u there is nobody stronger then u (sic).
‘It’s only a matter of days till ur (sic) up running around doing ur (sic) thing again I love u (sic) pops endlessly and everybody is praying for you right now love you.’
D’Angelo was spotted arriving at the clinic where his father was being treated in Santo Domingo on Monday before he was cleared for travel.
The Red Sox sent its team plane to retrieve Ortiz on Monday after he was cleared for travel by doctors.
They say that after the surgery, he opened his eyes and asked for his family.
‘Gunman’ who shot David Ortiz is attacked by crowd at the bar
Eddy feliz Garcia 7Eddy Feliz Garcia is shown being attacked by a crowd of Ortiz’s friends and supporters after the shooting. He was driving the motorcycle and the shooter, identified as Rolfy Ferreyra Cruz, was sittiong on the pillion seat
Eddy feliz Garcia 6Garcia is shown i n police custody after being removed from the scene. He suffered extensive injuries when the enraged clubgoers jumped on him, before officers arrived
David Ortiz [fourth left] and Jhoel Lopez [left] 2David Ortiz is shown [second right] was out with friends including Jhoel Lopez [left], hours before he was shot. 
David Ortiz is credited with helping the city of Boston recover from the Boston Marathon bombing in April 2013 with an iconic speech where he told crowds: ‘This is our f****** city’.
‘He’s on the Mount Rushmore of Boston sports,’ said Eddie Romero, the team’s assistant general manager.
‘He is a superhero without a cape,’ Red Sox manager Alex Cora told reporters on Monday.
‘That’s the way we see him.’
‘I always said that he’s bigger than life, David,’ the manager said.  
CCTV footage shows the moment David Ortiz is shot
‘He’ll give you a hug, a big smile, he does it with everybody. He does it with my daughter and my kids.
‘So it’s been a tough one.
‘I just hope when he gets here everything is fine and we can see the big man again with us filling a room with joy.’
Cora was teammates with Ortiz during their years on the Red Sox. 
Another former teammate, retired catcher Jason Varitek, also spoke out in support of Ortiz.
‘I didn’t sleep very well last night,’ Varitek told the Boston Herald.
‘I don’t think anybody did. We spent a lot of time trying to figure out what was going on.
‘Still don’t know that much but everybody has seen and heard.’
Television cameras showed Ortiz, 43, being transported from Clinica Abel Gonzalez in Santo Domingo to the airport via ambulance. 
David Ortiz right] and Jhoel Lopez 3Ortiz is shown on Sunday hours before being shot with his friend Jhoel Lopez

Before the team’s game against the Texas Rangers at Fenway Park on Monday, the players and fans in attendance observed a moment of silence in honor of Ortiz.

‘All of us were shocked by last night’s news about David Ortiz,’ the public address announcer at Fenway Park said.
‘Our community has felt a palpable concern ever since.
‘As befits his outsized personality, wishes for a speedy recovery have poured in from all over baseball, from the world of sports, and even from respected world leaders.

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