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Cypriot army captain breaks down in tears as he is given seven life sentences after admitting he is the island’s first-ever serial killer

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‘I have committed abhorrent crimes’ – Capt. Nicos Metaxas
Nicos Metaxas appeared under heavy guard in court in Cyprus on Monday, wearing a bullet-proof vest
The Cypriot army captain broke down in tears as he was handed seven life sentences after admitting he is the island’s first-ever serial killer
He admitted to kidnapping and murdering five women and two children on Monday, all foreign nationals
The disgraced who admiyyed to being the island nation’s first serial killer Army captain wept as he pled guilty to charges of murder and kidnapping 
He apologised to the victims’ families and said he did not know why he committed the “hateful crimes”

The two children, aged six and eight, were daughters of two of the women.
Metaxas was taken under heavy security to the courthouse on Monday, where he appeared without a lawyer.
He broke down in tears as police read the indictment against him. ‘I have committed abhorrent crimes,’ he said, expressing condolences to the families of the victims.
A guilty plea in the Cyprus judicial process means the court will hear the facts of the case and then proceed to sentencing.
Metaxas faces seven life sentences. The court is expected to deliver its verdict later on Monday.
Police say the accused met the women online. The victims were mostly employed as housekeepers on the island.

Officers remove the remains after police in Cyprus found body of the serial killer’s fifth victim. Metaxas court appearance came as police reportedly found a suitcase containing the remains of a human body, believed to be that of a child

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