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Partner of slain Air Force servicewoman, 37, charged with killing her and their toddlers in their Staten Island home; Shane Walker, 36, charged for murdering Alla Ausheva, their sons, two and three, six months after his arrest for assault after accusing her of cheating

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Partner of mother found dead along and her children Saturday in Staten Island, New York had history of domestic abuse against her
Boyfriend of the slain Air Force servicewoman is in custody, charged with killing her and their two toddler sons in their Staten Island home – six months after he was arrested for accusing her of cheating and assaulting her
Air Force serviceman Shane Walker, 36, was charged on Sunday triple murder in deaths of Alla Ausheva, 37, and their two sons Ivan Walker, two, and Elia Walker, three
He was charged with 12 counts of murder, three counts of manslaughter, three counts of arson, three counts of criminal poss of a weapon
Ausheva and her sons were found dead in their Staten Island home Saturday, she’d suffered severe trauma to her head and face, the kids appeared drowned  
She was a Russian born active duty Air Force servicewoman, who was sworn in as an American citizen in 2012 by Barack Obama 
Walker was taken into into custody after he was found wandering the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway Saturday morning and tried to jump off a bridge at 7.45am 
He had a history of domestic abuse and was arrested in December for assault his wife after he accused her of cheating, police said 

An Air Force serviceman has been arrested by police in New York in slaying of an active duty The boyfriend of the Air Force servicewoman found dead alongside her two toddler sons on Saturday.

Shane Walker is the suspect in the triple-homicide police said, accused of killing his wife, Alla Ausheva, and their two young children in Staten Island, New York, on Saturday, June 22.
Walker, 36, has been arrested for their horrific murders.  He was charged on Sunday with 12 counts of murder, 3 counts of manslaughter, 3 counts of arson, 3 counts of criminal poss of a weapon, according to ABC 6.
Filing charges had been delayed. He remained hospitalized on Sunday, June 23, the Staten Island Advance reports.
On Saturday Ausheva, a 37-year-old Russian-born US Air National Guard Airman 1st Class member, was found dead suffering severe trauma to her head and face in her Staten Island home.  Her children’s bodies were found nearby and appeared to have been drowned.

Walker is also an active duty Air Force member and has a history of domestic violence against Ausheva and was arrested in December for assault.

Shane Walker 1After getting into an altercation during his transportation for arraignment, Shane Walker, [seen on a stretcher] is loaded into an ambulance after police responded to an incident outside the Staten Island Courthouse in St. George on Monday

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Alla Ausheva and her two sons were found dead in Staten Island Saturday Active duty service Force woman, her toddlers are found dead inside fire and smoke-filled New York […]

‘They had a prior domestic where he hit her,’ a high-ranking police source revealed, after he  ‘accused her of fooling around on him.’

In that incident, Ausheva had returned home from Dunkin Donuts when Walker accused her of cheating on him and attacked her.
Suspicion was first raised about Walker was found wandering the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway carrying Ausheva’s cell phone and military ID on Saturday morning, just a few hours before cops were called to the murder scene, cops said.
He had reportedly tried to commit suicide by jumping off the Verrazzano Bridge around 7.45am.
After Walker was found, he was transported to Maimonides Medical Center for a psychiatric evaluation where is still held.
On Sunday he was charged with 12 counts of murder, three counts of manslaughter, three counts of arson, three counts of criminal poss of a weapon.Ausheva’s supervisor was the first to arrive to the horrific murder scene, finding the front door of the Palisade Street home wide open and inside a small burning fire and smoke.
The supervisor found Ausheva’s body face-down on her bed. It’s not clear what weapon was used in the killing. The children both appeared to have been drowned.
The official cause of death is yet to be released.

Alla Ausheva 3Active duty Air Force servicewoman Alla Ausheva [photo], and her two sons were pronounced dead at 10.45am on Saturday.  Her partner, who is also the father of her two and three-year-old sons  has been charged in their deaths

She came to the US in 2011 after her then-husband won a green-card lottery and joined the Army National Guard three months later before transferring to the Air National Guard afterwards.
She served in the Air Force full time and was stationed at Fort Hamilton Army Base in Brooklyn.
Footage shows her at a Military Naturalization Ceremony in 2012.
Speaking that year Ausheva said: ‘It was awesome. I met the president. He’s just awesome. I’m so happy.
She told The New York Post: ‘I always wanted to live here. This is really a country where you can pursue your dream and do what you want to do.’

She said her husband was surprised when she signed up for the New York Army National Guard, adding: ‘At first, he was surprised. Then, when I told him I would do it anyway because it was my dream, he was very supportive.’
In 2012 Obama told the new citizens, including Alla: ‘All of you did something profound: You chose to serve. You put on the uniform of a country that was not yet fully your own.’

Airforce woman , her two toddlers found dead on Staten Island 3The FDNY extinguished a small fire in the smoke-filled home. PPolice said they responded before firefighters got to the scene to extinguish fire in the home where the suspect Shane Walker was listed as living with Ausheva and their children  

One neighbor told Staten Island Live of him: ‘I haven’t seen him in a very long time. He was somewhere and recently came back.’

Neighbors say they’re shocked to hear of Walker’s arrest.
‘I’ve seen [the father] a few times, he seems like a nice guy,’ neighbor Rod Hamed said to ABC. ‘Nothing suspicious. A military guy, what would you expect.’
A medical examiner is determining the cause of death for each victim.
Shane Walker, an Air National Guard member accused of killing his two toddlers and their mother had an altercation with a police officer while on his way to the Staten Island Courthouse in St. George Monday afternoon, prompting a large police response and scrapping his first court appearance, police said.
Walker, 36, of South Beach, was being transferred from a Brooklyn mental facility to Criminal Court for his arraignment in the murders when the incident occurred about 5 p.m.
More than a dozen fellow military members, — including Walker’s superior officer, were present in court Monday awaiting the arraignment.
In related developments, a GoFundMe page created by some of Ausheva’s friends seeking crowd funding to help get her and her son’s remains back to Russia, is seeking to raise $50,000.

The murdered woman in text messages with a friend, it is alleged, complained about her life with her boyfriend Shane Walker, including the fact that she did almost everything for their children all by herself

It emerged as friends of the woman in her homeland spoke to local media about how she had confided in them about her troubled relationship.
Before the killings, Walker was arrested six months ago, for assaulting Ausheva after he accused her of cheating on him, police sources had revealed.
In one text to a friend, she had complained about how lonely she was with Walker during her second pregnancy.
The friend, Alexander Nikulin spoke of his ‘not too pleasant’ experience when he visited Ausheva in the US, highlighting that Walker was ‘aggressive’ and abrasive.
Walker he said, was jealous she had invited him to stay with her. Consequently Nikulin o stayed only one night with the couple, because of the awkward tension.

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