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‘Keep him away from society’ – accuser; Wealthy pedophile Jeffrey Epstein sent back to solitary confinement until his bail hearing on Thursday after feds said they found diamonds, piles of cash and a fake passport saying he lived in Saudi Arabia when they raided his NY mansion

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Jeffrey Epstein 10Mug shot of Jeffrey Epstein from New York State Sex Offender Registry. Wealthy hedge fund manager  Jeffrey Epstein obtained a passport from a foreign government in the 1980s that had his photo but another person’s name, prosecutors said on Monday

Epstein learned he would be ordered back to prison at the start of his bail hearing, with the judge delaying his ruling until Thursday.

Epstein, 66, obtained a passport from a foreign government in the 1980s that had his photo but another name, prosecutors revealed in court on Monday.
The team of attorneys from the Southern District of New York also said the wealthy financier had piles of cash and diamonds in his $77million Upper East Side mansion when it was raided last week.
In addition to loads of cash and valuable items including art that hadn’t been accounted for, investigators discovered an expired phony passport in Epstein’s mansion that was supposedly issued in the 1980s, prosecutors said.
It had his photo on it, although the name wasn’t Epstein’s, and it listed as his residence an address in Saudi Arabia.
Assistant US Attorney Alex Rossmiller also noted that Epstein has more than $100 million alone in a single account, among at least $500 million in holdings
Judge Richard Berman ordered Epstein to remain behind bars on sex trafficking charges at the Manhattan Correctional Center until a bail hearing scheduled for Thursday.
Two of Epstein’s accusers, Courtney Wild and Annie Farmer, also confronted him in court and spoke at the end of the hearing. Wild describe her alleged abuser as a ‘scary person’ and urged the judge to keep him behind bars for the ‘safety of any other girls’.
Rossmiller did not elaborate on the country had issued the passport, but did note it had only recently expired according to Courthouse News.
Epstein’s legal team pleading with the judge to let their client out of jail, said he is in solitary confinement: ‘We need him released, judge. This is an enormously challenging case for defense counsel,’ argued Epstein’s lawyer.
In their rebuttal, prosecutors said: ‘Your honor, it’s underage girls that are involved in this case, and it’s underage girls that are the victims.’

Rossmiller also noted that Epstein’s finances remain murky, something Judge Berman pointed out at the start of the proceedings as well while demanding a more compete accounting of the pedophile’s assets.

Federal prosecutors said on Monday that they just recently learned about more hidden assets following the search of Epstein’s home.
Those assets were in diamonds and art, which were discovered throughout he residence according to Rossmiller.
There were also ‘piles of cash’ found tucked away in Epstein’s safe.
‘How much money does he have? Where is it?’ asked Rossmiller in court.
‘How much of it is in diamonds or art?’
The financial records that have been handed over by Epstein already list his wealth at over $500 million according to prosecutors, with one account containing $110 million.
He also has another $400 million in various holdings according to his incomplete filing.

His lawyers defended this by noting the ‘series of articles’ in the media that emerge after every new development in the case.
Prior to that, the defense tried to mitigate Epstein’s payment of $350,000 to two individuals after the Miami Herald exposé was first published last November.
His lawyers stated: ;The payment of an employee and the payment of a friend is not “witness tampering’ because the Miami Herald wrote an article.”‘
Defense attorney Martin Weinberg also told Judge Berman that his client ‘would sign any bond’ or hand over ‘any collateral’ in order to ‘virtually guarantee’ all future appearances in court.
‘[Bernie] Madoff was released on bail. He surrendered,’ pointed out Weinberg.
Epstein, unlike Madoff, has a home in a foreign country and is not facing financial ruin. He has also been accused of sex crimes, while Madoff was solely convicted of financial crimes.

Anie Farmer 2.jpg“He was inappropriate with me. He was inappropriate with me twice,” Jeffrey Epstein’s accuser Annie Farmer [center], broke her silence as she told Judge Richard Berman that she was underage when the accused sex trafficker abused her

One of Jeffrey Epstein’s accusers stepped into the spotlight for the first time Monday to urge a Manhattan federal judge to keep the wealthy pedophile behind bars.

Annie Farmer broke her silence as she told Judge Richard Berman that she was underage when the convicted pedophile who is now facing charges of sex trafficking, abused her.
“I was 16 years old when I had the misfortune of meeting Mr. Epstein,” said Farmer, her voice wavering as she spoke while standing just a few feet from the pervert, who remained expressionless as he watched her talk.
“He was inappropriate with me. He was inappropriate with me twice,” she said of Epstein.
“I would prefer not to go into the details,” Farmer added of the alleged New York City attacks.
Another victim who appeared in court for an earlier Epstein hearing in Manhattan last week also attended the bail session and spoke.

Courtney Wild stands with her hand on her chin 1Protesting consideration of bail, another Epstein accuser Courtney Wild, [hand on chin], Wild told the court, that Epstein is a ‘scary person’ and urged the judge to keep him behind bars for the duration of the trial

“I was sexually abused by Jeffrey Epstein starting at the age of 14,” said the woman, Courtney Wild, adding that she was attacked in Palm Beach, Fla.
“He’s a scary person to have walking the streets,’’ she said.
Epstein, who is accused by Manhattan federal prosecutors of trafficking underage girls to abuse them, remained expressionless and looked forward as Wild spoke.
Both women asked the judge to deny Epstein’s bail request.

Berman said he was postponing his decision until at least Thursday morning.
Ultimately Epstein remained behind bars as Manhattan prosecutors argued Monday that more alleged victims have already stepped forward since Epstein’s arrest earlier this month, stated: “The evidence is already significantly stronger — and getting stronger every day,” Assistant US Attorney Alex Rossmiller told Manhattan federal Judge Richard Berman.

Courtney Wild 2Wild said Monday in Manhattan federal court that she was abused by the wealthy financier in Palm Beach, Florida, starting at age 14 

Epstein, already a convicted pedophile, had hoped the jurist would rule in his favor on his bail request in his latest case Monday.
But Berman said he wants to hear from some of Epstein’s victims, as soon as Monday, and have the former hedge-fund manager’s financials examined further before deciding on whether to free him until his trial.
The judge said he plans to rule on bail Thursday.
Federal prosecutors, in arguing that the 66-year-old pervert should stay at the Metropolitan Correctional Center, said they have had more of his victims come forward to report crimes since his arrest, dropped the bombshell of his high probability of being a flight risk.

Ass. US Attorney Rossmiller added that authorities are still investigating the stash of “many, many, many” photos of women and girls “who appear to be young” that was found in Epstein’s Upper East Side mansion.
At least one of the females photographed nude or semi-nude has come forward as a victim, the prosecutor said.
Epstein appeared to listen intently during the proceeding, folding his hands under his chin.
Prosecutors have said Epstein is trying to bribe potential witnesses to keep quiet about his crimes.
Rossmiller said prosecutors only learned late last week about $350,000 in payments that they say he made to potential witnesses.

Jeffrey Berman 1.JPGU.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman during a July 8 news conference, in New York, announcing sex trafficking and conspiracy charges against Jeffrey Epstein 
 Protests against Jeffrey Epstein 1.JPGProtests against Jeffrey Epstein near his NY home

Last Thursday the convicted pedophile had offered to put up his $77 million Upper East Side home and private jet as collateral to guarantee he’ll show up for trial on federal sex-trafficking charges.

However, on Monday Feds revealed how the found dozens of diamonds, piles of cash and a fake passport with Jeffrey Epstein’s photo stashed in a safe at the convicted pedophile’s Upper East Side townhouse, they said Monday.
Prosecutors told a Manhattan federal judge about the newly revealed contents of the safe, which also held a trove of lewd photos of young women, as they argued against giving Epstein bail at least partly because of his immense financial means.

The suspect has already used hundreds of thousands of dollars to try to bribe potential witnesses to keep their mouths shut about his crimes, prosecutors have said.
Assistant US Attorney Alex Rossmiller called the accused sex trafficker’s financial disclosure form for bail “cursory,” noting that it failed to mention the vast amount of liquid assets in his home safe.
“The defendant’s financial disclosure should alarm the court,” Rossmiller said.
Manhattan federal Judge Richard Berman agreed Monday that Epstein’s one-page financial affidavit was “cursory” as he delayed a decision on whether to grant the suspect bail until Thursday.

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