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Suspect David Sparks charged in the death of Savannah Spurlock – Court docs reveal the mother-of-four was found folded in half, naked and bound and wrapped in trash bags and thrown in a shallow grave

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Suspect David A Sparks appears in court in Garrard County, Kentucky Monday facing charges in the disappearance of Savannah Spurlock
Court docs revealed that the mother-of-four’s body was found folded in half, naked and bound and wrapped in trash bags and thrown in a shallow grave
The remains of Savannah Spurlock, 23, was discovered last week on a rural Kentucky property six months after her disappearance on Jan 4
She had been buried naked, bound and bundled into trash bags in a shallow grave on the property where the suspect lived with his parents
Spurlock was last seen alive leaving a bar with three men on Jan 4, including 23-year-old David A. Sparks, who has since been charged with abuse of a corpse and tampering with physical evidence 
Sparks who was arrested after his father complained of the foul odor on his property, appeared in Garrard District Court Monday morning for a preliminary hearing 

The body of missing Kentucky mother of four, Savannah Spurlock was found naked, bound, bundled into trash bags and buried in a shallow grave behind property belonging to the parents of the man now charged in connection to her disappearance.
David Sparks, 23, appeared in Garrard District Court this morning for a preliminary hearing at which these and other disturbing new details emerged.
Savannah, 23, was last seen on the night of January 4, leaving a bar in Lexington, Kentucky with three men – one of whom was Sparks.

Sparks arrived in court, small, lean shackled and handcuffed. He took his seat without making eye contact with Savannah’s father, Cecil, 54, his fiancée, Cheryl Lynn Wright, or the young mother’s friends who sat by his side.
Cecil Spurlock had arrived clutching a photograph of himself with his daughter.
Kentucky State Police Detective Tyler Chamings described the ‘clandestine grave’ in which Savannah was found on July 10.
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Feds find remains believed to belong to missing mom-of-four Savannah Spurlock, 23, at a house she went to with three men she met at a bar days after giving birth  Savannah […]

It was, he said, at its deepest point approximately 19 inches deep and the black plastic in which her naked body was wrapped could be seen at points without disturbing the ground.
She had been placed ‘in multiple black trash bags, was unclothed and her feet were bound with tape.’ He described her as being in an ‘unnatural orientation’ in that her ‘head and feet were in the same position. She had been folded in half.’
A grey rectangular accent rug was found buried along with her.

David Sparks 1David Sparks, 23, was arrested early Thursday morning after the remains were uncovered on the property in Garrard County where he lives with his parents
Cecil Spurlock, [in wheelchair], and his fiancée, Cheryl Lynn Wright.JPGCecil Spurlock [in wheelchair], and his fiancée, Cheryl Lynn Wright leaving court on Monday after the hearing for David Sparks, the suspect in the death of his daughter, Savannah

It said, ‘Hey where did you get that rug? I’m going to get another one.’
Later that day, the detective stated, Sparks went to Wal-Mart in Richmond and purchased an identical rug to the one found buried beside Savannah.
Spark’s home in Lancaster, the last place where Savannah was seen alive, was searched on January 10 and the officer said that he had observed a grey rectangular rug in his bedroom, between his bed and a closet.
A subsequent search conducted on April 2 revealed a blood stain on the inside of that closet door, the stain was invisible to the naked eye but showed following the use of a luminol based agent.

When interviewed by detectives back in January, Sparks had told them that he and the other men had gone back to his house with Savannah.
They left but he and Savannah remained. He claimed that she went to sleep in his bedroom while he slept on the couch.
When he woke mid-morning he said that she asked him where she was apparently so she could arrange transport home.
He claimed to have fallen asleep and that, when he woke again around noon, she had gone. He said she was uninjured when she did.
But today, detective Chamings revealed that Sparks had visited his parents’ home twice on the night of the 4th and in the early hours of the 5th of January.

According to Det. Chamings the evening after Savannah was last seen alive at his then home, Sparks spent two hours at his parents’ property. He then left and returned in the early hours of the following morning.

David Sparks home 2Police found the human remains buried on the property just before midnight on Wednesday. Thursday they identified the remains as belonging to missing mother-of-four Savannah Spurlock 

David Sparks has been charged with tampering with evidence and abuse of a corpse, but neither cause nor time of death has been determined.
After the hearing, which lasted just 30 minutes Sparks, was transported back to Lincoln Regional Jail where he is currently being held on no bond. Honorable Bill Oliver, the presiding judge at this morning’s hearing, is reviewing that.
Searchers scouring corn fields and an area near a bridge in Garrard County on July 10 announced that they have found human remains connected to the case at the home they previously searched. Police searched the home after receiving a tip about a foul odor on the property.
The next day July 11, police arrested David Sparks, 23, believed to be one of the three men last seen with Spurlock, and charged him with abuse of a corpse and tampering with physical evidence. Sparks lived at the property with his parents.
Police found package wrapping tape similar to that used to bind Savannah’s ankles and black trash bags like those in which her body had been wrapped.
Sparks’s own father, Allen, reported the shallow grave in which she was buried. According to Sparks’s arrest citation his father, ‘reported to his attorney a foul odor coming from his property and became concerned.’
Officer Chamings could not give any reason for why the body had not been found during an earlier search conducted in February.


The Other Bar in Lexington Kentucky 1Savannah Spurlock vanished after leaving this Lexington bar with three men on Jan 4.  It was her first time going out in months because she gave birth to twins in December. She’d gone with a friend, but her friend left her at the bar after the pair had a fight because Savannah wanted to stay out longer

The discovery of the remains came just days after the six month mark in the investigation.
Over the course of the investigation, police refused to publicly identify the three men last seen with Spurlock or reveal much of the details of the case.
They had previously searched the property in February and seized a car parked outside in the early days of the investigation.
Savannah Spurlock gave birth to twins in December and also has two older sons aged two and four.

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