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Georgia woman, 27, charged with murder over gunfight that killed a pregnant mother and her unborn baby as she tried to shield her three-year-old son from the slew of bullets

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Kiresa Cooper, 27, was arrested on Wednesday night in Cobb County, police say
She is accused of shooting Auriel Callaway, 24, during a gunfight outside her apt in Athens, GA, on Monday  
Callaway, 24, a pregnant mother and her unborn baby died as she tried to shield her three-year-old son from the slew of bullets
She is facing one count of aggravated assault and one count of felony murder 
Auriel Callaway, 24, was shot dead outside her apartment in Athens on Monday  
The mom was trying to get her son to safety when she was hit by a stray bullet, the little boy was uninjured
After she was taken into custody, Cooper was seen grinning in her mugshot

Kiresa Cooper, 27, was booked into Athens-Clarke County Jail on one count of aggravated assault and one count of felony murder, police announced Thursday.
Gunfire erupted between two groups outside the Clarke Gardens Apartments in Athens on Monday night.
Witnesses said a group of kids were arguing before adults got involved and someone started shooting.

As soon as the argument started, Callaway reportedly grabbed her 3-year-old son, Mason, and ran toward her apartment.
“She said, ‘I’m fixing to go, y’all. I’m taking my baby in the house,” her  heartbroken sister, Standria Walker told wsbtv.
She was hit by a bullet and collapsed near her apartment.
“She got hit with her son in her arms, and she’s pregnant,” Walker said. “That’s my only sister. They took our baby away from us.”
Callaway died at the hospital, along with her unborn child. She was four months pregnant. Mason was not hurt.

The four-month pregnant Ariel Callaway was shot as she held her son’s hand and tried to move him to safety. Police said the mother-of-one was an innocent bystander and was not intentionally targeted.
She was rushed to an area hospital where she and her unborn baby were pronounced dead.
‘This reckless act of violence took the life of a young mother in her prime as well as her unborn child,’ said ACCPD Chief of Police Cleveland Spruill in a news release.
‘Such senseless violence shall not be tolerated and all our investigative resources and tools were brought to bear to locate and apprehend the suspect.
‘We appreciate the assistance of the community and our law enforcement partners in the quick apprehension of Cooper.’ 

Ariel Callaway with her son 2Victim: Ariel Callaway, seen here with her son, was an innocent bystander and was not intentionally targeted, police said
Athens-Clarke County police Deputy Chief Jerry Saulters said Callaway’s little boy was not hurt in the incident.
He is now being cared for by relatives.
Eight people were initially taken into for questioning but they have all since been released.
Police are still investigating and have asked anything with information about the incident to contact Athens-Clarke County Detectives Scott Black at 706-613-3330, ext. 798 or Paul Johnson at 706-613-3330 at ext. 522.

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