Police chief is fired over botched 19-hour response to emergency calls from one kidnap victim, pleading for rescue from rape and kidnap ordeal in Romania
Gheorghe Dinca, 65, admitted Saturday to killing Alexandra Macesanu and Luiza Melencu
Alexandra Macesanu, 15, went missing while hitchhiking Wednesday near Caracal, Romania 
Luiza Melencu, 18, has been missing since April and her charred remains were found 
Thursday morning, Macesanu managed to dial the emergency number, 112, three times and give clues to police about the place she was being held captive by the motorist who had picked her up, a day earlier
Police say she was killed shortly after the call
Police took 19 hours to respond to calls from Macesanu sparking national outrage and protests in capital Bucharest, leading to the firing of the country’s police chief, Ioan Buda
The killer Gheorghe Dinca, 65, has admitted to killing and dismembering the two teenage girls, while authorities search  a lake near his home fearing there could be more victims 
Bungling police work meant responders took 12 hours to get to Dinca’s home near the city of Caracal after Macesanu’s third and final call on Thursday 
Cops then wasted another seven hours standing outside the killer’s house for a warrant, which they didn’t need, to arrive
In the aftermath four other officials were also forced to resign  
Gheorghe Dinca 1Deranged serial killer Gheorghe Dinca, 65, [photo], has admitted to killing two teenage girls in Romania in a case that sparked nationwide outrage and cost took the Chief Of Police his job, after authorities bungled a rescue-effort. Officers took 19 hours to respond to an emergency call from one of his victims, only to find he’d murdered her in that time
Gheorghe Dinca 2Gheorghe Dinca has since admitted killing and burning both Alexandra and another teenager, 18-year-old Luiza Melencu who went missing in April at his home in a village near Caracal, Romania
Ioan Buda 1Ioan Buda [photo], has been sacked as the country’s chief of police by the Interior Minister Nicolae Moga. Four other public servants, including two other county officials who were fired on Friday
Gheorghe Dinca 3Police took 12 hours to get to Dinca’s home after 15-year-old kidnap victim Alexandra’s third and final call on Thursday. They waited a further seven hours standing outside his house, waiting for a warrant to arrive – which they did not need. He was arrested outside his home shortly after 

The 15-year-old was abducted on Wednesday as she tried to hitchhike home to Dobrosloveni in southern Romania, where public transport is notoriously poor.
On Thursday morning, she managed to dial the emergency number, 112, three times and give clues to police about the place she was being held captive by the motorist who had picked her up, a day earlier.

Gheorghe Dinca 4Dinca seemed distressed as he was found sitting hunched over when officers stepped in to take him into custody on July 27 
Gheorghe Dinca's home 1Footage shows Dinca’s hovel where he reportedly murdered two teen girls he abducted in the past three months
Vigil for the murdered girls outside the Interior Ministry 1.JPGThe painfully slow response from police disgusted locals and saw 2000 people  protesting on the streets of Bucharest on Saturday in the forecourt of the interior ministry, ending with a vigil for the girls
Memorial to the murdered girls outside the Interior Ministry 1Red roses at a makeshift memorial during a protest against official handling of the kidnapping and murders in the southern city of Caracal, in front of the Interior Ministry Headquarters on Saturday

 Macesanu yelled ‘he’s coming, he’s coming’ before the line was cut, police said.

‘Gheorghe Dinca has been charged with murder. He is suspected of having killed Macesanu after having kidnapped and raped her,’ prosecutor Georgiana Hosu said, adding that authorities believed that the killing was similar to that of Melencu.
Hosu also said that it was believed that Macesanu was killed on Thursday shortly after trying to call for help.
The case has sparked a public outcry in Romania, with thousands taking to the streets of Bucharest on Saturday evening, to protest police handling of the rescue mission for Macesanu .
Critics allege that law enforcement failed to take the alert seriously and finally reacted too late to locate and help save the teen.

Gheorghe Dinca 5Admitted serial killer Gheorghe Dinca [striped shirt], allegedly told police he started a fire to drive away mosquitoes. Authorities are also searching a lake near his home amid fears that there are more victims
Gheorghe Dinca's home property 3The dilapidated, creepy grounds of the property where Dinca took the victims before he murdered and dismembered them. In one case he burnt the remains of the victim 
Gheorghe Dinca's home 2Inside Gheorghe Dinca’s ramshackle property where at least two teenage girls are alleged to have been killed

Melencu disappeared three months ago in the same area under similar circumstances.

Her parents this week accused police of also botching the case.
They said one official allegedly implied their daughter may have run off ‘with her Prince Charming’ when they filed their report in April.
On Thursday morning, Macesanu managed to ring the emergency number 112 three times and give clues to police about the place she was being held by Dinca, who has picked her up hitchhiking. She yelled ‘he’s coming, he’s coming’ before the line was cut

Macesanu’s family had previously received a phone call saying their daughter was alive in another country, while Luiza’s grandfather had also been called and told his his granddaughter was alive and well with a stranger in Switzerland.
In Macesanu’s case, officers had searched three buildings before they finally found the house where she had been held, more than 12 hours after her phone calls.
Police then sought a search warrant, which is not required in emergencies, and waited till dawn to enter the house – 19 hours after Macesanu’s last call.
Thousands of protesters rallied outside the interior ministry in Bucharest on Saturday evening, placing flowers and candles at a makeshift memorial.

Romanian women protest against police bungling of rescue of murdered teenPublic outrage: Women wave placards during a protest against the way Romanian authorities handled the abduction, murder and dismemberment of a pair of teenage girls, three months apart

Chanting ‘assassins’ and ‘incompetence’, the demonstrators demanded that Prime Minister Viorica Dancila and her cabinet step down.
Critics have accused her government of weakening the criminal justice system with controversial reforms also heavily denounced by the European Court in Brussels.
Why did the police not intervene earlier? Everyone needs to answer for this, from police officers and prosecutors to Dancila,’ protester Cristian Nan said on Saturday evening.

Dancila said she was considering calling a referendum to introduce harsher sentences for rapists, paedophiles and murderers.
‘We are analysing the opportunity of a referendum to implement drastic punishments for criminals, rapists and paedophiles, such as life imprisonment or chemical castration. These measures need popular validation before being applied she wrote on her Facebook page.
President Klaus Iohannis made a televised statement Sunday night discussing the missteps in police work.
‘Romanian institutions failed in their duty to protect the fundamental right to life. Those responsible will have to face harsh punishment. Sentences, however harsh, do not bring back lost lives. We must identify means to prevent such tragedies from ever being repeated.’
Centre-right President Klaus Iohannis, who is frequently at loggerheads with the ruling Social Democrats, said the ‘resignations of all those who mishandled this case which had such dramatic consequences are obligatory’.
Speaking later on Sunday, President Iohannis added: ‘The government should ask if it was not the moral author of this tragedy.’