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Adam Bass, a White lawyer, allegedly helped his daughter snare THREE college admissions, claiming to be an ‘African American tennis whiz’ after her father hired college admissions scam mastermind Rick Singer to help with her application

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Adam Bass’s daughter applied to Tulane, Loyola Marymount and Georgetown Universities in 2018 with the help of college bribery mastermind Rick Singer
Bass is a prominent Los Angeles attorney who is also WHITE, and a member of the board of Buckley, his daughter’s school
On the college application, his daughter was described as an ‘African American tennis whiz’ 
It also said she would be the first person in her family to go to college
All three schools wanted to accept her excitedly and told a counselor at The Buckley School
Then, counselor Julie Taylor-Vaz discovered the discrepancy and informed them that the girl was white and did not play tennis 
Bass told the school he was unaware of the lies and said Singer must have put them in his daughter’s application without them knowing
He never paid a bribe to a college or counselor and because of that, is not part of the scam, Bass has maintained
The girl ultimately withdrew the dishonest applications from all three schools – she applied and was accepted into Berkeley 
Adam Bass [left] and Rick Singer [right] 1Adam Bass, seen [left] hired the services of Rick Singer [right], as counselor for his daughter’s college admission process. Bass says he did not know that Singer lied on his daughter’s application purporting that that she was an African American tennis star who would be the first to go to college in her family. Bass has not been charged

New details of the college bribery scheme and how it was exposed have emerged, including how a white lawyer’s daughter was accepted into three colleges after submitting an application describing her as an African American tennis whiz who would be the first in her family to go to school.

It was only when a representative from Tulane contacted her high school counselor, Julie Taylor-Vaz, and gushed about their excitement that the lies were exposed.

How’d that happen?: Adam Bass reportedly, hired Rick Singer [photo], for college counseling services for his daughter in 2017. Singer has been at the epicenter of the college admission scandal

Buckley counselor Julie Taylor-Vaz  found out about the scheme when colleges called her to say they were excited to welcome Bass’s daughter. She then informed them that she was neither African American nor a tennis player

Taylor-Vaz told the colleges that some of what the student had submitted was untrue and they allowed her to retract the applications without incident.
Buckley spoke to her father who told them that Singer must have gone into his daughter’s application and changed it without them knowing.
He said Singer had asked for her password to the be able to make changes to it, and that he was unaware of the lies.
Bass insisted they were not complicit in the lie and his daughter emailed the schools echoing his denial.
She eventually applied to Berkeley on a new application and she remains a student there.

Taylor-Vaz 1.JPG
Buckley counselor Julie Taylor-Vaz [photo] uncovered the scam when colleges called her to say they were excited to welcome Bass’s daughter. She then informed them that she was neither African American nor a tennis player

In a statement about their dealings with Singer, a spokesman for the family told CBS on Wednesday: ‘Like thousands of families, the Bass Family engaged Rick Singer’s company for college counseling services and to help their daughter with her college applications.
‘In December 2017, they were stunned to learn that Mr. Singer and his company submitted inaccurate information on some of their daughter’s applications, none of which related to her test scores or academic record.
‘They immediately contacted the schools about Mr. Singer’s wrongdoing and supplied them with accurate information.
‘They made no payments or donations to any college, athletic program or any coach, either directly or indirectly, and are not the targets of any on-going investigation.’


Staff at The Buckley School [photo] reportedly did not alert authorities despite being told what Singer had done with students’ applications.
Furthermore, the school which had warned parents not to engage in outside counselors’ services, did not take the issue any further.

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