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Wisconsin man is arrested after walking into a police station and confessing to murdering his wife – Keith Comfort admitted to strangling Megan Shultz and throwing her body in a dumpster, 13 years after claiming she walked out on him

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Thirteen years after a 24-year-old Missouri woman allegedly, walked out on her husband and young child and vanished apparently without a trace, a family member may just know her whereabouts.
The 37-year-old Wisconsin man was arrested after voluntarily confessing to murdering his wife by strangling her and throwing her body in a dumpster
Thirteen years after Megan Nicole Shultz, 2was last seen alive, her husband walked into a Wisconsin police station and admitted to her murder
Keith Comfort first reported his wife missing in Columbia, Missouri, on Aug 5, 2006, claiming she walked out of their home after they had an argument and had failed to return to him and their infant daughter 24 hours later
Megan Nicole Shultz has remained missing for the past 13 years with no one, including police, suspecting foul play – except his mother-in-law who has maintained that Comfort knows the whereabouts of her daughter
However on Sunday, Comfort told officers that during the argument he grabbed his wife by the neck, forced her to the floor and strangled her to death
When he realized she was no longer breathing, he put her body in a trash bag and threw it in a shared dumpster at their apartment block
He is now facing second-degree murder charges
Comfort is currently being held in custody at Walworth County Sheriff’s Office  with a $1 million cash only bond
Shultz, who had a young child with Comfort at the time of her disappearance, was considered missing for more than a decade but authorities did not suspect foul play.
However, that all changed when Comfort waked into the Lake Geneva Police Department on Sunday and confessed to her murder.

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