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US agencies place $10M bounty on ruthless Mexican drug lord Ruben ‘El Mencho’ Osegura Cervantes who ‘has ordered the murder of pregnant women and babies’ after being dubbed the ‘new El Chapo’

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Ruthless NEW Mexican drug lord El Mencho now occupies void by caging of El Chapo Guzman, now serving life sentence in U.S. prison  
Nemesio Osegura Cervantes, ‘El Mencho’, 53, is leading the most extreme and notorious Mexican cartel, CJNG
El Mencho ‘has ordered the murder of pregnant women and babies’ after being dubbed the ‘new El Chapo’ amid escalating cocaine cartel war
Last month 44 bodies, mainly women, were discovered buried in his territory 
DEA are offering $10m for his arrest, saying he is more violent than El Chapo
Nemesio Osegura Cervantes 1.JPG
El Chapo on steroids: Nemesio Osegura Cervantes, aka ‘El Mencho’, [photo], has bulldozed his way to fill the vacant top dog billings in the drug cartel sphere, created when the infamous Joaquin Guzman,’El Chapo’ Guzman, was sent away for life in the U.S. months back, according to federal investigators

A Mexican drug baron – known as the new El Chapo – is accused of ordering the murder of pregnant women and babies in an escalating cocaine cartel war.
Nemesio Osegura Cervantes, ‘El Mencho’, 53, has picked up where the infamous Joaquin Guzman, formerly El Chapo, left off, according to federal investigators.
His feared Jalisco Nueva Generacion (CJNG) are suspected of running drugs over land and sea into the United States while fighting a bloody war and indiscriminately killing women and children


There have been 88 women, some pregnant killed since August, with the vast majority in areas where the CNJG are prominent.
The DEA wants Cervantes so bad that it is offering up to $10 million for information leading to his arrest.

‘He is the number one priority of DEA and frankly for federal law enforcement in the United States,’ Matthew Donahue, the DEA’s top agent in Mexico told CBS News.
‘Tons’ of cocaine, methamphetamine and heroine laced with the deadly synthetic opioid fentanyl have been trafficked into the country, according to the US Department of Justice.
However, with millions of dollars on his head, El Mencho is armed and ready to confront anyone who tries to disrupt his elicit dealings.

Nemesio Osegura Cervantes 4Nemesio Ruben Osegura Cervantes [right] already under indictment in Washington DC, it is suspected is directing the affairs of his cartel from a mountain hideout in Mexico
Nemesio Osegura Cervantes 5.JPGRapid ascent to the pinnacle of the illicit narco world: Nemesio Oseguera ‘El Menco’ Cervantes, is one of the most wanted man in the world, certainly in Mexico and U.S. with a huge bounty on his head

The drug lord and his operatives are suspected to have shot down a Mexican army helicopter leaving six people dead, was implicated in a public hanging this summer, and is linked to multiple other deadly violence towards ‘innocent human beings,’ the DEA agent told CBS.
There have been thousands of murders believed to have been the result of cartel violence in Mexico in recent years, including a staggering 94 homicides per day, reported the Mexican government.
El Mencho is ‘the number one priority of DEA and frankly for federal law enforcement in the United States’ says Matthew Donahue, the DEA’s top agent in Mexico.
Nearly a decade younger, El Mencho stepped up after the 62-year-old Guzman, the former head of the Sinaloa Cartel and considered the most powerful drug lord in the world at the time, was jailed for life in New York this summer.

Authorities say that El Mencho’s take over has long been in the making. He began  building his empire after he arrested on drug charges at age 19 in California and deported back to Mexico. That’s when he started CJNG.
His elicit activities have also involved family members.
El Mencho’s American-born son, Rubén Oseguera González, 29, has been fighting extradition charges from Mexico back to the US after he was charged in 2017 on two counts of ‘conspiracy to distribute significant quantities of narcotics for illegal importation into the US.’
González is being held by Mexican authorities at a maximum security facility in Hermosillo, Sonora, and at one point tried to stop his extradition by presenting a birth certificate that claims his father is not the El Mencho, and that he was the victim of mistaken identity.
El Mencho’s power has been so much on the rise, that his cartel brazenly put out a message on WhatsApp calling on current and former law enforcement to join their ranks.
The Spanish written message that read: ‘Fellow federal police officer, don’t worry if you are fired, we will recruit you here.’

Cartel wars: Jalisco cartel the CJNG surround Aldolfo Mendoza Valencia, said to be a leader of a rival drug cartel, before hanging him from a highway overpass
Joaquin El Chapo Guzman's extradited to US in 2017After drug kingpin El Chapo [photo], was caged, a younger version, El Mencho, stepped up. 62-year-old Joaquin Guzman, head of the Sinaloa Cartel and considered the most powerful drug lord in the world at the time, was put away for life in a Brooklyn court this summer.
Butchered bodies hung under a bridge allegedly by Jalisco cartel the CJNGShock tactics: Butchered bodies hang under a bridge allegedly left there by the Jalisco cartel, the CJNG, spreading fear among rivals

The current crop of Mexican drug imports are so potent and toxic that during seizures in drug lab raids conducted throughout the investigators had to handle them with protective clothing.
In the city of Chicago alone, 800 people died from drug overdoses in 2018. The city’s drug import used to be controlled 80 percent, by the Sinaloa cartel has been taken over by the CJNG.
‘Probably 90 percent’ of the drugs recovered are believed to have come from Mexico, said DEA Chief Inspector Brian McKnight.

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