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New mexico police hunt robbers killed 21-year-old Cayla Campos, who witnessed a robbery, in a hail of bullets to stop her identifying the thieves as she desperately tried to escape in her car

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Detectives are investigating a robbery tied to a fatal New Mexico shooting on Friday night
Cayla Campos was shot dead in a hail of bullets, Saturday, in Albuquerque, New Mexico after she witnessed a robbery
Police believe the criminals were trying to stop her from identifying them as she desperately tried to escape in her car
At the time Campos, 21, was playing Pokémon Go with her boyfriend when the two witnessed a robbery being committed in an Albuquerque park near their apt on Saturday
When Campos tried to leave the scene, multiple shots were fired into her car, and one struck her in the neck
She crashed into a nearby home after she was struck in the back of the neck and later died from her injuries
Cayla Campos 3.JPGCampos was captured on surveillance footage fleeing in the vehicle, when Campos tried to leave the scene, multiple shots were fired into her car


No one has yet been arrested in connection with the killing and police are asking for the public’s help in identifying possible suspects.

In a Facebook post, Campos’s father called his daughter a ‘very special person’ who was ‘murdered in cold blood’.
‘You’ll never leave my mind baby! I don’t know how to live without you,’ her father wrote in the heart-breaking message.
Campos’s cousin said she was the ‘sister I never had’ who was ‘so beautiful and kind and loving.’


‘I don’t understand and I’m so sad and I’m angry and I wish you [were] still here,’ her cousin wrote. ‘My heart is broken, and that’s an understatement. We were supposed to go on so many more adventures.’
Campos close to her apartment when she was shot and doing what she does every night.
It appears that Campos was in the wrong side of town when she was shot and in an area she would never have normally visited were it not for the game.
‘[Cayla] and her boyfriend always make a loop around this park before they go home and play Pokemon Go because their apartment is literally right there,’ her friend Cody Bell said.
‘I am really trying hard not to break down right now,’ Bell said. ‘I feel like there is a piece of me that is missing now.’
‘She has helped me through everything, and she has always been there,’ Bell continued. ‘Now, she is gone.’
‘She was just such an amazing person. She was my closest friend. I am just devastated that she is gone.’

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