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Man who murdered his 18-year-old single-mom girlfriend after ‘forcing her’ to rob an Alabama hotel in Bonnie and Clyde-style heist shoots himself DEAD in a standoff with police in Wisconsin

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Murder and robbery suspect on the run from Alabama shoots himself during police standoff in Wisconsin
Gary Eubanks Jr, who allegedly murdered his 18-year-old girlfriend after the pair robbed an Alabama hotel shot himself in a standoff with police in Milwaukee, ten days later
Eubanks Jr, 25, died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound after four hours of negotiations with police at a residence in Milwaukee on Wednesday afternoon  
Police confirmed that Eubanks Jr, of Theodore, Alabama.was responsible for the murder Baylee Wall, his partner when they robbed the Microtel Inn in Daphne, Alabama, on Oct 21
The body of the teen, mother-of-one was found in Cincinnati, Ohio, on Oct 23, two days after the hotel heist
Eubanks Jr had been on the run for 10 days when he shot himself
The pair had only been dating since August and Wall’s family claim Eubanks Jr forced her to carry out the heist 

While authorities initially would not confirm the identity of the man killed in Wednesday’s standoff, saying only that he was wanted for ‘very serious, heinous crimes’ and was wanted in Alabama and Ohio, media speculated the dead man was Eubanks Jr, of Theodore, Alabama. The victim’s identity was confirmed Thursday morning.
A manhunt was on for Eubanks Jr for over a week after the hotel robbery. Surveillance video showed Wall entering the hotel on the night of the armed robbery and asking the receptionist about room rates before leaving.
Eubanks Jr was seen walking in to the lobby moments after Wall left. He held the receptionist at gunpoint and demanded cash.
The pair fled the scene in Wall’s 2015 black four-door Volkswagen Passat with license plate JGE1791.
Two days after the robbery, Wall’s body was found behind a baseball field at Woodward High School in Cincinnati. She wasn’t identified until five days later because there wasn’t any official form of identification on her body.
Police described her death as ‘suspicious’ and said it was being investigated as a homicide.
Media reports say she was shot in the head.

Baylee Wall and Gary Eubanks Jr 2Stills capture the couple robbing a hotel in Alabama. Police Surveillance footage showed Wall and Eubanks Jr at the Microtel Inn in Daphne, Alabama, on the night of the Oct 21
Baylee Wall robbery tape 1Wall is seen entering the hotel and inquiring about room rates from the receptionist and leaving before Eubanks Jr came in robbed the establishment at gunpoint 
Baylee Wall and Gary Eubanks Jr 1Robbery suspect Baylee Wall [left] and her boyfriend Gary Eubanks Jr are seen in driver’s license photos released after the armed robbery. Eubanks  allegedly later murdered Wall before killing himself when cornered by law enforcement on Wednesday

Wall’s friends and family have fiercely defended the teen in the days since Monday when police announced they were investigating her death as a homicide. – charging that Eubanks Jr compelled her to commit the armed robbery reminiscent of infamous crime couple Bonnie and Clyde. 

‘There is no way that she willingly participated in any of those events, and we have proof that that is the case,’ Wall’s stepmother, Angela Wall, told
‘I wish we could have seen the signs before it was too late.’
She said Eubanks Jr was ‘abusive’ and ‘not right for Baylee’, and that he lied to her and her family about his age, claiming he was only 19.

Baylee Wall 3Family and friends have come out to mount a fierce defense of Wall in the days since Monday when police announced they were investigating her death as a homicide – charging that Eubanks Jr compelled her to commit the armed robbery

Wall’s stepfather, Steven Tillman, told Fox that his daughter and Eubanks Jr began dating in August and that she had recently sent a photo to her friend showing her with a busted lip. Tillman said that Baylee told the friend she was ‘scared [and] wanting to come home’.
He expressed shock over the idea that Wall, who lived in Moss Point, Mississippi and was the mother of a two-year-old girl, would be involved with someone violent and that she would participate in an armed robbery.
‘I still can’t believe it. I really can’t on either issue,’ Tillman said. ‘That’s not how she was raised. That’s not how she was.’
He describes Baylee as  ‘a very outgoing person, [who] loved to laugh and you know, just your typical 18-year-old girl.’
Another family member, Tim Wall, said his niece ‘had never had a history of drugs or breaking the law. She only knew (Eubanks) for a few months.
‘The last text her sister got was that she was scared. Then days went by and we didn’t hear anything else. The suspect has family in Ohio and Baylee mentioned something about that a while back and the family remembered.
‘So when local authorities contacted the Cincinnati police, that’s when we got the word that a body was found in Ohio that matched her description.’
On Wednesday evening, Wall’s aunt, Susan Speaker, announced Eubanks Jr’s death on Facebook: ‘Justice for Baylee is served!’ she wrote in all-caps.
Another relative posted: ‘Praise God they got him!’

‘So it’s already starting with rude/negative comments. People are going to judge her for one stupid act that we don’t even know the full details of,’ Angela Wall wrote in a Facebook post.
‘Regardless, she was only 18 and still our daughter. So please everyone share something positive about Baylee Wall so people remember her how she really was, and for all the stalkers coming to her page can see she was truly loving person and was loved.
‘Baylee was always a fighter and hard headed but that is what got her through all of this.
We love you BayBay and will forever be in our hearts.’
Angela included a pair of photos of Baylee, one ‘first day of school’ snap and another from her high school graduation day.

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