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Iowa teen dad is given jailed for his ‘natural life’ for shaking his eight-month-old daughter to death so violently he shattered her skull – Jayden Straight, 19 was sentenced 100 years in prison on Friday

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Jayden Straight, 19, was sentenced Friday after infant daughter Raija’s ‘shaken’ death in 2018
Straight of Des Moines, Iowa, then 17, reportedly shook his eight-month-old daughter to death so violently he shattered her skull  
Raija had multiple skull fractures, broken ribs and internal injuries when her father brought her into hospital
The mother said her daughter was not only shaken but hit multiple times as well, by the father
The teen dad pled guilty to second-degree murder, willful injury and child endangerment after she suffered internal injuries, broken ribs and skull fractures
Straight is expected to spend the remainder of his natural life behind bars, as his six sentences will run consecutively and will see him jailed until 2119 
Before the plea deal, he had been charged with first-degree murder 
Jayden Straight of Des Moines, Iowa was 17 years old when he violently shook and killed his baby in 2018.
Straight, now 19, pled guilty to second-degree murder, three counts of willful injury and two counts of child endangerment and was told he will likely spend the rest of his life behind bars on Friday, WHOTV reports.

The teen last year  his eight-month-old daughter Raija was rushed to the Mercy Medical Center in in Des Moines, Iowa, with serious internal injuries.
She died after suffering multiple skull fractures and broken ribs.
Raija’s mother Ri Bambino claimed her infant daughter girl had also been hit multiple times by her father.


Straight was handed a 50-year stretch for second-degree murder and was given the maximum sentence for additional charges.
His six sentences will run consecutively and will see him jailed until 2119.
Raija was born in November 2017. Following her birth, Straight posted a photo of himself holding his daughter.
‘My lil [sic] everything Raija,’ the caption read.
According to a GoFundMe page, Raija had been badly beaten when she was rushed to the hospital.
Raija held on for as long as she could but her injuries were too severe,’ the page read.



A medic described Raija’s injuries as ‘from a deliberate assault and could not be explained as unintentional or accidental’.
Raija’s great-grandma Robin Head said: ‘When I saw this child’s face and what she has brought to me for the last eight months of her life.
‘I can’t never explain that feeling of holding her, laughing with her, touching her, walking with her, crawling with her.’ 


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