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Man who bludgeoned UK grandma to death with a hammer during home invasion jailed for life – Cristian Sabou was convicted after his wife found out, turned him in and cops used his daughter’s DNA to match his profile

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Valerie Graves 1Victim: Artist Valerie, 55, had been house-sitting at a $2.06million property in Bosham, West Sussex, when Sabou broke into the home on Dec 29, 2013 and left her critically injured as she tried to defend her self. She succumbed to her injuries shortly after

Weapon used by Cristian Sabou in the Valerie Graves murder1.JPGMurder weapon: DNA evidence was matched to samples on the murder weapon, a  foot-long black and red claw hammer, that the killer left behind after he attacked Valerie Graves with it

Sabou will serve a minimum of 23 years after pleading guilty to murder at Lewes crown court on Monday. Judge Christine Laing  praised Adina for having the “decency and courage” to come forward, adding the murder would have “remained unsolved” if she had not.
Adina who returned to her native Romania shortly after, said in an interview, “I didn’t do anything for a while because I was afraid of him and what this might to do our little girls. But I decided to do it because it’s the right thing to do.
“I feel sorry for Valerie’s family and ashamed that my husband caused them so much pain. I hope that this verdict will bring them some comfort,” she said.

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