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Decade-long land dispute ends in courtroom bloodbath, leaving three dead after gun battle erupts in Thai courtroom – Defendant, a retired senior policeman, shoots dead plaintiff and his lawyer before being gunned down

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WARNING: Graphic Content  
Ex-policeman shoots and kills two people insdie a courtroom in Chanthaburi,  Thailand on Tuesday morning
Land dispute bloodbath left three dead after gun battle erupted in a courtroom as the parties awaited the verdict in a decade long land dispute
The defendant shot dead the plaintiff and his lawyer before being gunned down himself
Retired policeman, Thanin Chantratip, 67, a retired Inspector General of the Royal Thai Police, pulled out a Glock .22 handgun in the courtroom after arguing with opposing lawyer, Wijai Sukharom 
Thanin then shot and killed both Wijai, 51, and the plaintiff 61-year-old Bancha Porameesanaporn, himself a a high profile attorney 
Thanin died in hospital after a policeman returned fire and hit him in the shootout
Two other people, the claimant’s wife and another lawyer were left with critical injuries

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