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Pennsylvania man ‘who kidnapped his 4ft tall girlfriend, suffocated her with duct tape and left her to die in a Nevada desert’ -Cops say John Chapman is a married man who has been living a ‘double life’

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Pennsylvania man ‘who kidnapped his 4ft tall girlfriend, suffocated her with duct tape and left her to die in a Nevada desert’
John Chapman, 39, led a ‘double life’ before allegedly kidnapping and killing his former girlfriend, Jaime Feden, 33
Despite dating Feden, Chapman has reportedly been married to his wife, Maureen Chapman, for almost a year
On his Facebook page, he refers to himself as ‘single’ and called Maureen ‘sis’ under a profile picture
Maureen says she learned of Chapman’s relationship with Feden after he called her from the police department and confessed to her 
People close to Feden believe Chapman pretended to be her on social media after her disappearance by making Facebook posts 
Chapman has been charged with kidnapping and other counts in the missing persons case 
The suspect asked Feden to drive to Las Vegas, Nevada, for a vacation. He then allegedly brought her to the Nevada desert where he tied her up, bound her mouth and nose  
Feden was last seen two months ago and officials in Nevada have found a body matching the general description
He was charged with kidnapping and obstructing administration of law 
John Chapman 1
John Chapman, [photo], has been arrested in disappearance of his ex, Jaime Feden, who was last seen on Sept 15. He’s confessed to her murder 

A Pennsylvania man who kidnapped his girlfriend and allegedly confessed to killing her led a startling double life – including a secret wife and masquerading as the victim online after she disappeared.

John Matthew Chapman, 39, is in police custody in connection to the disappearance of his girlfriend, Jaime Feden, who was last seen on September 15.
On Friday, Chapman allegedly admitted to authorities that he killed 33-year-old Feden in Las Vegas by suffocating her.
He also reportedly confessed his crime to his wife of one year, Maureen Chapman.
According to WXPI,
Maureen had no idea of her husband’s crimes or double dealings, before Chapman called her from the Bethel Park Police Department around 6am.
‘He said he had murdered a woman. I was in disbelief,’ Maureen said.
The shocking news led her to question their entire relationship and his ‘double life’, like claims he was visiting family and lying about his job.
Chapman reportedly told Maureen: ‘I killed her because I had to.’

Pictured: Maureen (left) and Chapman (right) posing for photos on their wedding day almost a year ago‘I killed her because I had to,’ John allegedly told his wife Maureen seen [left] with him on their wedding day almost a year ago. He made the call to his wife after his arrest for the murder of Jaime Feden. Maureen Chapman had no idea of her husband’s supposed wrongdoings until he called her from the Bethel Park Police Dept on Friday 

Maureen said Chapman told her he was taking her truck for a work trip in Las Vegas after visiting his relatives in Bethel Park.

The truck is now considered key evidence.
Chapman’s Facebook page has no mention of a relationship and, in fact, says he’s single.
His bio reads: ‘I’m a 39 year old single guy from Pennsylvania. I’ve lived here most of my life. I’m always trying to meet new and interesting people.’
Any romantic relationship to Maureen is obscured further when he commented ‘Lookin good sis’ under his wife’s latest profile picture and listed her as his ‘sister’.

“He said he had murdered a woman,” Maureen Chapman told WXPI. “I was in disbelief.”
Maureen reaction to the news was: ‘Oh, my God, it’s sick. It’s really sick. I just want the truth as to what happened. I feel I’m owed that.’
Nikki Lawrence, a close friend of Feden’s, said the 33-year-old probably had no idea that Chapman was married.
Lawrence said Chapman and Feden met around 2009 at a school for people with disabilities.
Feden had VATER syndrome, a series of birth defects that affect several parts of the body and caused her short height.
Lawrence said Feden and Chapman argued, and that many loved ones were critical of the relationship, but ‘she loved [Chapman] no matter what.’
Lawrence claims that Chapman mistreated Feden, including using her for money and incident when Feden arrived to a bar with Chapman with two black eyes.
‘The owner of the bar chased him down the street. After that he didn’t really come around any of her friends and family,’ she said.
Lawrence last saw Feden on September 5 and decided to check in on her to make sure everything was okay.
She received responses from Feden’s phone number, but now she believes the responses were actually coming from Chapman.
In a Facebook post, Lawrence shares screenshots of text message conversations between her and who she believed to be was Feden.
The first message is dated on Tuesday, October 1, a few weeks after Feden was last seen.
‘It makes me physically sick,’ Lawrence told the news site.

Lawrence, as well as Feden’s family, believe Chapman was communicating as Feden by posting pictures and check-ins on Facebook in the weeks following her disappearance.
Feden’s family were reportedly receiving incorrect answers to questions that Feden would know.
In the second screenshot, Lawrence asks Feden what Chapman’s birthday was because she needed the information to check for any criminal history.
She’d become apprehensive about Chapman after he friended her on Facebook and began commenting on her photos.
Lawrence became wary of Chapman after he friended on her Facebook and began comment on photos directed at her
Lawrence said: ‘She was such a sweetheart, she didn’t do anything wrong to anybody to deserve anything like this. She loved him and she just wanted him to love her.’
Chapman has been charged with kidnapping and other counts in the missing persons case of his former girlfriend Jaime Feden, 33, who was last seen two months ago.
In a police interview, Chapman allegedly claimed that at some point in September, they drove from Bethel Park to Las Vegas.
She had believed that the purpose of the trip was a holiday with the ‘potential of acquiring residence’ there, CBS Pittsburgh reported.

He allegedly confessed to covering her mouth and nose with duct tape, which suffocated her, according to CBS.
Chapman, 39, was taken into custody and is being charged with kidnapping, obstructing administration of law, and criminal use of a communication facility, Bethel Park Police said.
He was identified as her boyfriend in a criminal complaint but the pair had a ‘tumultuous’ history.
Officials in Nevada confirmed they found an unidentified woman’s body on October 5 and are trying to determine whether it is Feden.

Clark County Coroner’s office have not official identified the body but police claim ‘there is sufficient evidence to believe’ they are Feden’s remains as it matches her physical characteristics.
‘What I would say about her, she’s a sweet, gentle, loving soul and she was taken advantage of by a predator,’ Bethel Park Police Chief Timothy O’Connor told News4.
‘We are not charging him with homicide and kidnapping is our most serious charge against Mr. Chapman. The statements he has made are leading us to believe that if there is such a crime, it would be out in Nevada,’ O’Connor said.
According to police, Feden’s family received messages via her Facebook page and texts after her disappearance but the individual who sent them did not give correct information.
‘But we don’t believe it was in fact her. We believe it was Mr. Chapman posing as her,’ O’Connor said.

‘I would say she struck me as a sweet, gentle soul and she was only around 4 feet tall and I think she was very compassionate. I think her compassion and generosity were taken advantage of in this case.’
‘What he has said, is it, in fact, true? We’re going to have to see if we can find Jaime, either living or deceased. And we’re hoping that there’s still a ray of hope that she is alive and that we can bring her back home safely,’ O’Connor said.
Chapman was arrested at Feden’s home earlier this week. Police reportedly discovered the victim’s cellphone, in addition to a backpack with zip times and tape inside.

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