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Tennessee woman, 72, is ‘cheerful and unfazed’ after stabbing her husband in the chest while he was napping in a recliner chair – Pecola Duncan told officers she hoped [her husband] died

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Pecola Duncan, 72, reportedly was unfazed as she was arrested for the attempted murder of her husband on Friday in Clinton, Tennessee
Pecola allegedly stabbed Harold Duncan in the chest, while he was napping in a recliner chair, leaving him with life threatening injuries
The elderly Tennessee woman, was ‘cheerful and unfazed’ when deputies found her after the attack, shen then led to retrieve the bloody knife
She inquired from deputies as she was taken into custody if Harold had died of his wounds, adding: ‘I hope he died’
Harold Duncan was taken to the University of Tennessee Medical Center and treated for life-threatening injuries
Classified a non-sentenced felon, Pecola is being held at the Anderson County Detention Facility on $100,000 bond
Pecola Duncan 3.JPGPecola Duncan [photo], 72, was arrested on first-degree attempted murder. Cops say she was in ‘a cheerful mood and seemed unfazed’ after allegedly stabbing her 66-year-old husband, Harold Duncan, while he was napping

The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office said in a press release that deputies dispatched to the home Clinton couple Pecola Duncan, 72, and her Harold Duncan, 66, on Friday.
When authorities arrived, they saw Harold exiting their home on Dutch Valley Road holding a bloody towel to his chest.
Harold told ACSO Deputy, Kory Blevins, that his wife had stabbed him in the chest while he was napping in a recliner.
Due to the severity of his injuries and blood loss, Harold was transported by emergency crews to the University of Tennessee Medical Center in Koxville to treat ‘life threatening’ wounds.
Pecola claims that prior to the stabbing, Harold had become physically violent with her at their residence.
Deputy Blevins and Deputy James Presson then found Pecola inside the home, where she was cheerful and ‘unfazed’ following the events that had transpired.
‘Mrs. Duncan told deputies that she stabbed her husband after he attacked her and dragged her down the hallway,’ the statement said.
Officers found no signs of a fight inside the home and Pecola had no injuries that would suggest a struggle.
Then, Pecola led cops to the kitchen where the knife used in the stabbing was located. As she was being taken into police custody, she asked deputies if Harold had died of his injuries.

Pecola Duncan 1.JPGThe Anderson County Sheriff’s Office says though Pecola [photo], claimed she stabbed her husband, after he became physically violent with her, evidence in the home did not support her version of events 

Pecola was arrested at 6.51pm by the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office for first-degree attempted murder.
She is classified a non-sentenced felon and is being held at the Anderson County Detention Facility.
It was originally reported that Pecola was held without bond, but as of Wednesday afternoon the Anderson County Detention Facility lists her bond as $100,000.
Pecola will appear in court at 8.30am on December 4.

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