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59-year-old Aussie woman, Samba Widhyastuti, charged with kidnapping her 25-year-old French boyfriend who mysteriously vanished from their vacation hotel three years ago

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Samba Widhyastuti from Sydney, Australia was arrested in Paris on November 28
Widhyastuti, 59, is charged with kidnapping her 25-year-old boyfriend who mysteriously vanished from a hotel three years ago
Her ex-beau, Frenchman  Florent Gregoire, who is 30 years her junior, has been missing since 2016
Widhyastuti met the farmhand in France that summer before they embarked on a months-long vacation, traveling around Spain and Andorra 
Gregoire has not been seen since Sept 23, 2016 after he was believed to have checked out of a hotel in Andorra 

A woman from Sydney, Australian has been arrested in France over the disappearance of her much younger lover who has not been seen in three years.
Samba Widhyastuti, 59, was charged with kidnapping and false imprisonment after she was detained by French police at Charles de Gaulle airport last month.
Widhyastuti who was a long-term Sydney resident, had been in a relationship with a Frenchman, 30 years her junior. Florent Gregoire, from Nantes, was 25 when he went missing in 2016.
The young man was last seen checking out of The Roser Hotel in Andorra, where the couple were staying in September 2016, and is now believed to be dead.
Police allege Widhyastuti contacted his family to inform them he was fine and accuse her of posing as Gregoire in emails to them.

On September 12, 2016, Gregoire checked out of the hotel with a bus ticket to Toulouse, France, but was never seen again. It is not been ascertained that he even boarded the bus.
His family grew concerned after he failed to show up to a family wedding that month.
They finally traveled to Andorra in October to meet with Widhyastuti, who allegedly told the family she returned to their hotel room one day to find  Gregoire had left.
She also said she had found traces of blood in the sink – a claim hotel staff could not confirm.
A hotel manager told the publication the two appeared to be a ‘normal couple’ who were often seen going out in hiking gear.

Police did not regard Widhyastuti as a suspect in the initial stages of their investigation  concluding that Gregoire had left on his own volition after a bus company confirmed he had bought a ticket to France.
However, after the Gregoire’s parents went to police with their concerns, authorities made the decision to detain Widhyastuti next time she returned to France.

The suspect, Widhyastuti, had previously lived in Cammeray, just outside Sydney with her ex-husband and child, according to reports, has been locked up in a French jail since November 30. Her lawyer told French media his client did not have any previous convictions and the experience has been very ‘painful’ for her.


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