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Doctor charged with attempted murder after she tried to kidnap her son, 12, by knocking out a court appointed chaperone during a supervised visit at a bowling alley, then fleeing California on a private jet

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California based surgeon, Theresa Colosi, 55, was arrested earlier this month in Whitefish, Montana accused of attempting to kidnap her son, 12, after attacking the court appointed chaperone
Dr Colosi was in the middle of a supervised visit with her son to a bowling alley in Santa Barbara on Dec 8, when she hit their court ordered chaperone with an object knocking her out a court appointed chaperone 
The woman yelled for the boy run away and call for help, Colosi then fled to a nearby airport where she had a jet waiting
She had withdrawn $900,000 from her bank to charter the plane in a fake name, or herself, her son and her dog 
She had also giving away her belongings which led investigators to believe she planned a kidnap of the child
Police caught up with Colosi in her rural Montana hideaway and arrested her, three days later
Colosi is facing felony attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, attempted kidnapping and attempted child-stealing 
It is unclear why she needed a court ordered chaperone with her son, but she’s also charged with a misdemeanor count of violating a court order

Colosi, a 55-year-old surgeon  was in the middle of a visit with her 12-year-old son shortly before 9:30 a.m. on December 8 in the parking lot of Zodo’s Bowling and Beyond in Goleta, near Santa Barbara, when she began acting suspiciously, which caught the attention of a woman who had been tasked by the court with supervising their visit.
Seconds later, authorities say, Colosi swung a metal object at the woman, striking her in the head several times, according to the reports.
The woman told the boy to run for aid, but Colosi continued to follow the child before switching direction and running to her car and fleeing the area, Santa Barbara County sheriff’s officials said.
Detectives later learned that Colosi had chartered a private jet that departed Lompoc Airport shortly before 11 a.m. to Glacier International Airport in Montana.
She had given away her belongings, withdrew $900,000 from her bank account and chartered the plane using fake names for herself, her son and her dog, leading detectives to believe she was trying to kidnap the boy, sheriff’s officials said.
Authorities coordinated with police in Whitefish, Montana, who conducted surveillance on Colosi’s suspected hideout.

After three days on the run, the fugitive doctor was arrested by police in her rural hideaway as she was coming back in a cab. Colosi was extradited back to California last Thursday and is being held in the Santa Barbara County jail without bail. She is expected to be charged Monday.
Colosi is facing attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, attempted kidnapping and attempted child-stealing charges, all felonies.
She also is charged with a misdemeanor count of violating a court order and possible sentencing enhancements on allegations that she inflicted great bodily injury and used a deadly weapon in the scheme, according to court records.
Colosi is a licensed physician in California who specializes in orthopedic surgery and oncology, according to the state medical board. Until 2018 she was also licensed  to practice in Oregon ,but that license is expired according to the records.


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