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French teenager, 19, kills ‘pedophile priest, 91, who abused him’ by ramming a crucifix down his throat – Bishop says the victim, Fr. Roger Matassoli, had been suspended a decade from priestly duties, since accusations of abuse emerged

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A French Teenager, has been charged with killing a  ‘pedophile priest who abused him’ by ramming a crucifix down his throat and suffocating him
The suspect, Alexandre V., 19, attacked the 91-year-old Catholic priest at his home in Agnetz, Oise, France on Nov 4 
Roger Matassoli is accused of abusing the suspect when he was a minor
He also abused the killer’s dad when he was a boy – The man subsequently killed himself after learning his son had suffered the same fate 
The pedophile priest is alleged to have abused at least four boys from 1960-2000 
The teen has been charged with torture, murder and resisting arrest
Jacques Benoit-Gonnin, bishop of Beauvais, said Father Roger Matassoli was removed from parochial duties since 2009, after abuse allegations emerged

Alexandre V., whose full name has not been disclosed, attacked 91-year-old Catholic Roger Matassoli while working at the holy figure’s home in Agnetz, Oise, near Beauvais in the north of France.
Fr Roger Matassoli, 91, was found dead on 4 November at his home choked by a crucifix stuffed down his throat.  The priest was found dead by officers with signs of torture on his body – multiple blows to the body – and appearing to have suffered asphyxiation.
A 19-year-old suspect named Alexandre was soon arrested, after he was caught fleeing the scene in the victim’s car.
The suspect was charged for torture, murder and resisting arrest, but had to be transferred to hospital where he’s been held on psychiatric grounds,  because he appeared delirious.
Matassoli had been accused of sexually abusing at least four boys including the victim and his father between 1960 and 2000.
The incident took place on November 4, but the attacker was not formally charged until December 26. The suspect was employed by the victim as a housekeeper.
The suspect’s father given the pseudonym – named as Stephane by French media – was allegedly abused by the priest as a child as was the suspect.
Stephane’s father killed himself when he learnt about the abuse, and Alexandre also tried to kill himself following the abuse, French reports have claimed.
Stéphane’s own father – Alexandre’s grandfather – took his life on learning his son was abused and Stéphane has attempted suicide himself. “
‘This man has shattered a whole family,’ the suspect’s grandfather said.
Police are pursuing their investigation based on the hypothesis that this was an act of revenge, according to local media.


Bishop Jacques Benoît-Gomin 1.JPGJacques Benoit-Gonnin, bishop of Beauvais, Noyon and Senlis made it clear that since 2009, Father Matassoli was removed from parochial duties after abuse allegations emerged

Matassoli had been an assistant-priest and a parish priest for 42 years until 2009, when he was suspended on charges of abuse of altar boys.
He was reportedly, had been banned from exercising his priesthood after two civil cases for abuses had been brought against him.
The alleged victims were two altar boys between the ages of 10 and 14. The incidents of abuse took place in 1962 and between 1976 and 1980.
After the murder, Oise Bishop Jacques Benoit-Gonnin announced that Matassoli had been suspended from performing parochial duties for over a decade.
However, conflicting local media reports also state that 2009 was the year that the priest retired due to old age.
Critics allege that bishop Jacques Benoit-Gonnin kept Matassoli on the payroll until 2018, when he took Alexandre and Stephane’s testimony into consideration, as well as the testimony of at least two other alleged victims, still according to local media.
By some reports the priest had been allowed to carry on working due to ‘ecclesiastical errors’ and due to a succession of bishops putting off dealing with the issue.
Bishop Jacques Benoit-Gonnin admitted after the murder that he had not removed Matassoli from ministry until 2018.
In his official statement, Matassoli said the abusive priest “had no more parish duties” from 2009.
However this was because 2009 was his normal retirement date. The bishop then said he “took measures to remove him from public ministry”. He didn’t give a date for the removal from ministry in the statement, but it was clarified later in questions that he was actually allowed to remain in ministry, although in retirement, for another nine years.


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