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Boston mom who pushed her 16-month-old son and daughter, four, off roof top parking garage then leaped to her death on Christmas Day identified – Erin Pascal’s husband had called 911 after an argument to report she was suicidal

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Erin Pascal is believed to have thrown her four-year-old daughter Allison and baby son Andrew from the top of a Boston parking garage on Christmas Day
The 40-year-old mother is believed to have pushed her 16-month-old son and daughter, four, off parking garage roof then leaped to her death on Christmas Day in double murder-suicide after an ‘argument with her husband’
Her husband of six years, Adam, reportedly called police around the same time, informing them that she was suicidal and that there had been an argument
The bodies of Pascal and her two children were found on the sidewalk, littered with baby shoes and clothes, as well as adult items 
Two other people have jumped to their deaths from the same parking garage in the past seven months, the occurring just two weeks ago 
A Boston woman who pushed her two young children from the top of a parking garage and then killed herself in a double murder suicide has been identified.


Pascal was the director of corporate social responsibility and community relations at Sanofi Genzyme, a biotechnology company based in nearby Cambridge.
She was a graduate of Brown University, where she was a classmate of The Office star John Kransinski.
It is unclear if anything specifically drove Pascal to kill herself and her children, but Rollins said their deaths highlight the ‘invisible struggles’ that many face when dealing with depression or mental health issues.
‘For a parent to come to a place in which they harm their children in this way indicates that their mental health struggles were severe and in need of immediate support. Mental health issues are not specific to one type of individual.
‘This Christmas Day tragedy demonstrates the urgency of addressing mental health, suicide and homicide.
‘We have to do more to address these significant public health issues that impact all of us and Suffolk County.
‘Most importantly, I want to extend my sincere condolences to this family,’ Rollins said.
Police found baby’s shoes and a pair of sunglasses near the abandoned car.
There have been no suicide notes found and no known complaints about the mother, Rollins said.
Pascal tied the knot to her husband, Adam, back in 2013.
The couple welcomed their daughter, Alison, two years later, before son, Andrew, was born midway through 2018.

Erin Pascal 1Police believe the Boston mother-of-two [photo, left],  threw her children off the top of the nine-story structure [right] before jumping to her own death on Dec., 25

She later went into the world of communications, joining Cambridge based Sanofi Genzyme, where she moved up rapidly through the ranks.
The prosecutor described the scene as ‘awful’ and especially heartrending because it happened on Christmas.
‘There were children’s shoes and an adult shoe. Just belongings from the children and the mother strewn upon the street.
‘The impact of the fall was visible from the street,’ Rollins said.
The parking garage -owned by Northeastern University – is the same one where a college student leaped to his death in May in a suicide his girlfriend is now being charged for.

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