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Texas cops release video of response to woman’s 911 call after masked intruder shot dead her husband; Police didn’t believe Sandra Garner’s story and charged her with murder

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Texas cops release bodycam footage of police responding to a Sandra Garner after her husband, Jon Garner, was shot dead inside their home two years ago
Garner, then 55,  said a masked intruder shot her 42-year-old husband three times at their Maypearl, Texas, residence in January 2018  on their wedding anniversary 
Police released the audio from Garner’s 911 emergency  as a dispatcher walked Garner through CPR  while waiting for deputies to arrive 
Garner was arrested for her husband’s murder eight days later
Authorities said Garner had gunshot residue on her hands and the weapon was found inside her car
Investigators found the a bullet in the couple pillows, the alleged murder weapon 
However, she allegedly searched ‘how to kill someone and not get caught’   
She said the intruder told her he had a work-related grudge with her husband. H however, she allegedly searched ‘how to kill someone and not get caught’    
She claimed the trespasser took $18,000 after making her open a safe before forcing her into the bathroom and making her count to 100, she told detectives 
During her  trial in 2019, she was found not guilty of murder after a four-week trial
Sandra Garner (left) and her husband, Jon Garner (right) 2A 911 dispatcher responded to a frantic call from Sandra Garner [left], on January 2, 2018, who reported that a masked intruder shot her husband, Jon Garner [right], during a home invasion

Newly released police bodycam footage details the moment Texas deputies arrive to a distraught wife’s house after her husband was shot dead by an alleged intruder.
On January 2, 2018, Sandra Garner, 55, called local dispatchers after her husband, she claimed, was shot three times in the couple’s bedroom by a masked intruder.
Jon Garner, 42, was murdered on their 18th anniversary.

Authorities would later question Sandra’s story and accuse her of deliberately killing Jon and charged with his murder.In police bodycam footage obtained by CBS News, deputies can be seen entering the couple’s Maypearl home and rushing to revive Jon.
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Sandra Garner 2
Suspect: Sandra Garner [photo], was arrested eight days after her husband’s death. She was listed as a suspect after investigators concluded Jon Garner was not killed during a home invasion by a ‘stranger’ 

One deputy performing chest compressions stopped when Sandra asks if Jon is alive and he replied ‘no m’am.’ She becomes distraught and has to be carried from the bedroom to the living room couch by deputies.
Authorities said Jon suffered a gunshot wound at 12.50pm after the couple went to bed around 9pm in their home.
On arrival deputies had searched the premises for the alleged shooter, but found no traces of the man Garner claimed broke into their home.
Audio from the emergency 911 call made by Garner revealed the panicked moments following the attack on Jon: ‘I need somebody to come. My husband’s been shot,’ Garner desperately tells a dispatcher.

Sandra Garner (left) and her husband, Jon Garner (right), 1Sandra Garner [left], with the help of a 911 dispatcher, performed CPR on her husband Jon [right], before he died that January morning in, 2018

In her interview Sandra Garner told police: ‘There was a man in here and he shot him, and he told me not to call the police. I was in the bathroom and he told me to count to 100.
‘He said if I called y’all before I reached 100 he’d come back and kill me.’
But Garner’s focus quickly shifted from her own fear to that of her husband, who laid immobile in their bedroom.
‘I think he’s still alive, he’s making noises. What can I do for him?’ Garner asks frantically.

The dispatcher proceeds to walk Garner through CPR and counts along with the distressed wife while waiting for deputies to arrive.
According to investigators, Garner was ‘awakened that night by two gunshots and saw a masked male holding a gun and flashlight inside her residence.’
Garner claimed that the intruder told her he was not there to harm her and ‘held a grudge against her husband because of work-related matters’.
She then said she was forced to open a safe in the home and give the man approximately $18,000.
The alleged intruder told the wife to go into the bathroom and count to 100 until he left.

Jon Garner 1Victim: Sandra Garner  told investigators that she was forced to give the suspected intruder $18,000 from a safe. She also told cops and that Jon [photo], killing was retaliation from a former employee
He also threatened to come back and kill her if he heard police sirens at the home, Sandra told investigators.

She told authorities in interviews that the suspect never had intentions of shooting her.
She said: ‘I started screaming, you know, hoping somebody would hear me…And he said, “shut up.” I said, “please don’t kill me”.’
‘And he says, “What I came here to do is done. I didn’t come here to shoot you.’
An investigator stopped Garner and questioned if she had a conversation with the suspect.
‘You were having this conversation with a guy who had just shot your husband?,’ he asked.
Sandra Garner replied: ‘Well, I said that, and he said it back to me. Yes.’
She later recounted how the suspect lambasted Jon for ruining his life years earlier.
‘I worked my ass off, and then he fired me,’ Garner said. ‘He says, “I lost my house, I lost my wife, I lost my kid”.’

Sandra Garner's Ford Mustang 1Police found a .38 caliber pistol, later confirmed to be the murder weapon in the Jon Garner murder case, inside his wife’s Ford Mustang [photo] 

Executing a search against the home, police found a bullet in a pillowcase inside the Garners’ bedroom, prompting them to seize several electronic devices during the investigation and searched the couple’s home and vehicles.
One device, authorities said belonged to Garner, contained an internet search for ‘how to kill someone and not get caught’.
The phrases ‘how can I kill someone in their sleep,’ ’16 steps to kill someone and not get caught,’ and medications like ‘fentanyl’ were also found in her search history.
A .38 caliber pistol was also found in her Ford Mustang. Police said the gun, which matched the one that was used to kill Jon Garner, had been wrapped in a paper towel and hidden inside two plastic bags.
Authorities said an initial search of the vehicle did not turn up the weapon.
‘It was apparent this firearm was moved to the vehicle after the initial search,’ Maypearl police chief Boyd Norton said.
Sandra Garner was arrested eight days after Jon’s death on murder charges and held at the Ellis County Jail on a $2million bond.
‘We have reason to believe that the shooting was not a ‘stranger on stranger’ home invasion,’ the Maypearl Police Department said on Facebook at the time.

Sandra Garner's gun1Murder weapon: Police reportedly recovered a .38 caliber pistol, believed to be the murder weapon, from Sandra Garner’s car during a  search 
Sandra Garner 3Despite the fact that investigators found gunshot residue on both of  Sandra’s hands, the jury did not return a guilty verdict against her in the shooting death of her husband Jon Garner

Although prosecutors presented evidence that investigators found gunshot residue on both of Sandra Garner’s hands, a jury chose to not convict her of Jon’s murder .
Garner was eventually taken to trial and found not guilty in the death of her husband.
He defense team acknowledged that gunshot residue was found on both of Garner’s hands and the 911 call, but argued prosecutors didn’t prove her guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.
Defense attorney Thomas Pappas cited Garner’s weakening health due to multiple sclerosis and a lack of motive as contrary to prosecutors claims.

Sandra Garner (left) and her husband, Jon Garner (right) 3Prior to Jon’s death his wife Sandra, seen [left ], with him reportedly researched online, several ways of committing murder without  being detected

He claimed that Garner was financially comfortable while Jon was alive and maintained there was little to gain from his death.
Jon Garner, who worked as a general manager for DHL Express and We Pack.
The couple had met as managers at a packing company. In interviews with authorities, Garner continued to cast blame on an aggrieved former co-worker of Jon, adding that her husband could be a strict boss.
‘He was just a very sweet man, but he was known as a tough boss. He loved firing people, because if they weren’t doing their job right, they didn’t need to be working for him.’ she said.
Even after Garner was cleared of the crime and allowed back into her home, she insisted she was not Jon’s killer.
‘No. Man was the love of my life. I told you, he was all I had. He was going to take care of me for the rest of my life. Without him, I have nobody. No, I didn’t kill my husband,’ she said.
Family members do not believe in Sandra’s innocence either. Jon is survived by two children, Andrea and Wes Miller. Wes Miller, believes his mother is to blame for the murder.
‘I don’t want to tell you. I mean, it’s my mom, man,’ he told an investigator.
‘The dogs … Why didn’t they bark? How did so and so know how to get in? And for somebody to sneak up on him like that, I don’t buy it.’


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