Khaled Ahmad went into the store in Dyker Heights in Brooklyn early Wednesday morning and confessed to slaying his 57-year-old father,- When officers went to the home they found a 57-year-old male  unconscious and unresponsive. EMS pronounced him dead at the scene.
26-year-old Khaled Ahmad was taken into custody on April 15, after he walked into the bagel shop drenched in blood and admitted to the heinous crime.
“One of the store’s owners alerted the officer who was outside that it appears his partner was having an interaction with a person that they know is a regular and is crazy.
The suspect was ranting about how he killed and ate his father and had visible signs of blood on him,” a source who was at the bagel shop told authorities.
Officers later found the man’s 57-year-old father, Imad “Eddie” Ahmad, slain at their family home on 84th Street in Brooklyn.

Imad Eddie Ahmad 1
The victim, Imad “Eddie” Ahmad, [photo], reportedly was killed with missing body parts , inside their Brooklyn home this week by his son Khaled Ahmad who told police he has eaten some of his father’s body parts

Police sources said the victim’s body had multiple stab wounds and was “severely mutilated.” The two had been sheltering together during the COVID-19 crisis.
“It’s one of the worst crime scenes I’ve ever seen. He was missing body parts—we don’t know where they are,” one high-ranking police officer told reporters.
Khaled was charged with murder and weapons possession for the crime. He was taken to Lutheran Hospital for a mental evaluation.
Ahmad is said to have a history of emotional disturbance and authorities had reportedly been to the home four separate times in February. On one occassion, Ahmad was hospitalized after his father called the police and told them he had a knife.
Ahmad launched a GoFundMe last year asking for $1,000,000 to help him return home to Palestine to be with his family. Ahmad stated on the GoFundMe page the stress of living in New York was becoming too much for him.
He also listed reasons why he hated New York, which included there being “cockroaches everywhere (my bed sometimes)”, how it “smells like dog piss everywhere I go,” and how he doesn’t “make enough money.”
The post, however, ended up not getting any donations and Ahmad did not make it back to Palestine.
Authorities said an investigation for the murder is ongoing.