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Police officers social distance at funeral of slain Indiana cop, Breann Leath, 24, who was fatally shot responding to domestic disturbance call

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Slain police officer Breann ‘Bre’ Leath’s funeral held on Thursday with hundreds of officers in masks saluting as the hearse passes them on the track, while maintaining social distancing
The 24-year-old Indiana Metropolitan police officer was fatally shot when responding to a domestic violence call at Edinburge Square on April 9
The alleged killer, Elliahs Dorsey opened fire through a closed door, fatally striking Leath, rushed to Eskenazi Hospital, she later succumbed to her injuries
The funeral held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway as hundreds of officers and squad cars lined roads, included a 21-gun rifle salute on the track
Nearly 2,000 livestreamed the funeral service as people were told to stay home amid the Covid-19 crisis
Dorsey, 27, also shot his girlfriend in each of her thighs as well as twice to the stomach, but she survived the attack
Police recovered a KelTec PLR-16 from the apartment where the shooting occurred  
Dorsey has been charged with Leath’s murder
Breann Leath 324-year-old IMPD Officer Breann ‘Bre’ Leath [photo], was shot and killed while responding to a domestic disturbance call shortly before 3pm on April 9. 

Hundreds of police officers and squad cars lined the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Thursday for a final salute to a fellow officer who was gunned down on the job.
After the funeral, motorcycle mounted officers escorted a black hearse carrying Leath’s casket on a procession that went past police headquarters and the department’s East District headquarters, where it stopped in front of Leath’s squad car as new police recruits saluted and commemorated the place Leath served her final watch call.
Officer Breann ‘Bre’ Leath, 24, was fatally shot when responding to a domestic violence call at a home on April 9. 
Leath’s family, including her 3-year-old son, watched the service from several luxury suites to maintain a safe distance apart.
She had been among three officers who responded to the call at 1803 Edinburge Square on Indianapolis’ far east side, police said.
Authorities allege that suspect Elliahs Dorsey, 27, opened fire through a closed door, fatally striking Leath. She was rushed to Eskenazi Hospital but succumbed to her injuries and Dorsey has since been charged with her murder and a string of other charges.

Breann Leath 1Officer Breann ‘Bre’ Leath [seen photo with her  son], comes from law enforcement dynasty as both her parents serve with the Marion County Sheriff’s office. She  is survived by one child and her parents  
Elliahs Dorsey 1
The alleged killer Elliahs Dorsey, [photo], reportedly, opened fire through a closed door, fatally striking Leath who later died at Eskenazi Hospital. Dorsey has been charged with her murder

Four rows of patrol cars lined the 2.5-mile track, including her IMPD East District shiftmates, her classmates from the department’s 16th recruiting class and other officers from across the region. Leath had been with the Indianapolis Police Departments for two-and-a-half years.
Around 1,900 people joined a live broadcast of the 11am services as people were asked to stay at home to maintain social distancing rules.
After the service came to a close a firing party gave a 21-gun rifle salute on the track, followed by a bugler’s rendition of Taps and around 35 bagpipers who played Amazing Grace on Pit Row.

Funeral corsage for officer Breann Leath 3The funeral was held at the Speedway to allow officers to participate and adhere to social distancing rules because of the coronavirus pandemic. Officers can be seen saluting as they wear protective masks and keep safe apart from each other

The funeral hearse, which was escorted by dozens of police cars, began a final lap around the track around 1:45pm.
Officers, standing outside their rows of cars, dropped white carnations into a trailer pulled by a pickup truck
The hearse carrying Leath’s body stopped in front of her patrol car as police radios called out her final 10-42, a police code indicating the end of a tour of duty, The Indianapolis Star said.
The procession ended at Crown Hill Cemetery where Leath was buried in the Heroes of Public Safety section of the graveyard.

Funeral corsage for officer Breann Leath 7An officer places his carnation on the casket of  officer Breann “Bre” Leath following a grave side service
Funeral corsage for officer Breann Leath 6The procession of police cars accompanied the hearse bearing the body of Officer Breann Leath as it arrives at Crown Hill Funeral Home and Cemetery in Indianapolis on Thursday

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