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Man drives into crowd of Black Lives Matter protesters in Seattle and then jumps out of his car and shoots a 27-year-old demonstrator in the arm before running to cops for protection from crowd

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Man drove into crowd of protesters in Washington and then jumped out of his car, shoots a demonstrator in the arm before fleeing to police for protective custody
Unidentified man drove through crowd of Black Lives Matter protesters in Seattle on Sunday as hundreds gathered for a George Floyd demonstration  
The black Honda Civic only stopped when it ran into a police barrier  – once the car came to a stop, one protester was seen trying to get the driver out of the car
The suspect then shoots  27-year-old BLM activist Gregory Daniel in the arm, sending him crashing to the pavement as other protesters rush to his side 
People scampered as the driver emerged from his car brandishing his weapon before makes his way to a group of Seattle cops where he is placed under arrest
Suspect had not been identified or charged with a crime  as of Sunday night
Seattle man plows car into crowd of BLM protesters 2The male driver attempted to drive his vehicle through a crowd of protesters before coming to a stop. A 27-year-old [seen photo, near the driver’s window] tried to get the man to stop driving , before the driver shot him 

Terrifying video shows the moment a man attempted to drive his car through a crowd of protesters in Washington state before exiting his vehicle and shooting one demonstrator with a hand gun.
Footage showed the man, who has not been identified, driving through a protest that was taking place in Seattle on Sunday.
The vehicle is seen speeding down a road where George Floyd protesters were peacefully demonstrating.

Driver ploughs into BLM protesters and shoots man in Seattle

A single shot is heard being fired from the car as the man fires at a 27-year-old black demonstrator.
The bullet strikes the victim, named as Daniel Gregory, in the arm and sends him crashing to the ground.
He was caught on camera being assisted by medics from the scene with a tourniquet on his arm. He said he knew the gunman.
He said: ‘I catch him and I punch him in the face.
‘I hear the gunshot go off in my arm… My whole thing was to protect those people down there.’
Dozens of screams are heard as the man then rushes out of his vehicle brandishing the weapon.
Protesters run for their lives as the man makes his way toward a group of police that were standing nearby.
According to the Seattle Fire Department, the man was taken into custody near the 11th Avenue and Pine Street.


Alex Garland
Story unclear at the moment but young man shot on 11th and Pine. Daniel, 26, wanted to tell his story. With the help of other medics I got a tourniquet on his arm. Street medics were on the spot with gauze and pressure. He walked off the scene.


Victim is helped after driver plowed throughed BLM protesters in Seattle 2

It’s unclear if the gunman has been charged as of Sunday night. No other protesters were injured during the incident.

Dan Gregory 2On Sunday according to people on the scene, the man drove toward protest and was chased. One protester was seen scuffling with the person in the black Honda Civic  in an attempt to stop him before the driver shot him in the arm.
The driver then jumped out, pointed gun at crowd and ran to the police lines.The Medical. Bill Fund for Dan Gregory organized by Black Lives Matter Seattle Original
says Daniel Gregory that prefers to go by Dan was shot while tryin… Black Lives Matter Seattle Original needs your support for Medical.
gofundme medical Bill Fund for Dan Gregory BLM Hero has raised more than $128,000 of the target $100,000 
Seattle man plows car into crowd of BLM protesters 7Video from the scene shows the car coming to a halt after hitting a barricade in a crowd of protesters after the driver drove his car into a crowd of protesters in Seattle on Sunday, then shot and wounded a demonstrator who confronted him as he came to a stop

Thousands of protesters have taken to the streets across the US and several other countries around the world in the last two weeks to demonstrate against racism, police brutality and the death of George Floyd.
Floyd, 46, died on May 25 after Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, 44, knelt on his neck for eight minutes and 46 seconds.
The initial violence, arson and looting associated with some of the demonstrations have tamped down to a majority of protests being conducted as  peaceful protests. Actually within the past few days, the protests have largely been peaceful.


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