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‘Go back to your country’ – Twack!! Ultimate clap back as Arizona ‘Karen’ is slapped across the face by woman after screaming at her to ‘go back to your own country’ and grabbed her arm in racist rant at gas station

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Online video shows two women arguing in a Phoenix, Arizona gas station over the weekend
A white woman was seen yelling at a woman who was being served
Arizona ‘Karen’ is slapped in face by woman after screaming at her to ‘go back to your own country’ in racist rant at gas station
At one point she can be heard telling the lady to ‘go back to her country’  while threatening the man filming he incident that he would be thrown out of the store same a the other customer
The younger woman responds that she is Native American who has been ‘here’long before her antagonist
The tension builds as the two women come face-to-face with one another
When ‘Karen’ reached out and grabbed her arm, the younger woman instantly responds with a slap across the face
After the slap, ‘Karen’ adjusted her glasses before storming out of the store
Karen’ is eventually slapped across the face before storming out of the store 
Things escalated quickly and soon after an argument broke out between her and the other female customer.
The man recording the footage claims that he heard the woman whom he describes as a ‘Karen’ tell the shopper to ‘go back to her country’ before telling the clerk behind the register not to serve her.
The entire incident all builds up to a face-to-face confrontation which sees the two women shouting at each other before ‘Karen’ is seen shoving the woman.
It led to an immediate retaliation with the other woman defending herself and slapping her antagonist across the face.
It ultimately led to the white woman walking out of the shop while she rambles at the person filming to mind their own business.
Arizona Karen 1As the drama unfolds, the woman in the striped dress tells the man filming the incident to stop and threatens that he was going to be thrown out of the store, same as the young girl she was berating
Amy Cooper 13The incident, involving Amy Marie Cooper, 41, has been cited as yet another example of a white person weaponizing the police against a person of color
The Upper West Side socialite calls the NYPD, falsely claiming a black woman ‘in her neighborhood’ was ‘attacking’ her.
In a video posted on social media the caller who identified herself as Svitlana Flom, can be heard telling officers she was being ‘threatened’.
Flom, 34, who is married to millionaire car salesman Gary Flom, also accused the person who referred to as an ‘African American woman’, of ‘harassing’ her and ‘threatening’ her children.

Svitlana Flom 1Pregnant European transplant and New York socialite, restaurateur Svitlana Flom [photo], reportedly, called the police several times to report that an ‘African American Woman, she saw relaxing ‘in her [Upper West Side], neighborhood’ was ‘attacking’ her

In the video she can be heard telling police the woman ‘is playing the black card’ during the hour long confrontation. She also asks her to walk to the police station together.
In the video Flom describes the woman as ‘African American’ and can be heard saying: ‘I’m shaking, I’m pregnant. This is unacceptable. I want this video to be gone.’


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