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Indiana girl, 17, ‘lured a Domino’s delivery man to an empty home with a fake pizza order,’ before killing him during a botched robbery that also left her boyfriend, 19, dead

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Jaelynn Billups, 17, allegedly shot and killed Joshua Ungersma, 37, after luring the Domino’s delivery driver to an empty home with a fake pizza order

She called for a pizza delivery to an abandoned home in Lafayette, Indiana on Aug. 31, court documents said

Her boyfriend Alberto Vanmeter, 19, was also found dead at the scene by police then tried to rob Ungersma

The pizza delivery driver who had a permit to carry a gun shot the would be robber

Ungersma asked people who rushed to the scene to call police, but Jaelynn walked up to and shot him

Police found her standing over one of the victims gun in hand, and the phone that she’d used to call in the pizza order still in her possession

Billups was charged with luring and killing Joshua Ungersma 

On a second murder count she’s charged with causing Ungersma to kill her accomplice and boyfriend, Alberto Vanmeter

She was also charged with conspiracy to commit armed robbery, armed robbery, theft, pointing a firearm, and carrying a handgun without a license

Alleged killer: 17-year-old Jaelynn Billups, [photo], was charged with shooting and killing Joshua Ungersma, in the presence of witnesses. Billups is also charged with  causing Ungersma to kill her accomplice and boyfriend Alberto Vanmeter, 19

A 17-year-old Indiana girl shot a dead a pizza delivery man after luring him to an abandoned house with a fake pizza order, according to court documents. 
Jaelynn Billups and an accomplice tried to rob Joshua Ungersma, while he was delivering the pizza but shot him when he asked someone to call police in Lafayette, witnesses alleged.
Patrick Gibson was one of two witnessed who saw Billups shoot Ungersma.
Gibson, told police that he had heard gunshots and went outside.
He saw Billups with 19-year-old Alberto Vanmeter.
By the time he got there, Vanmeter had been shot, Gibson said.
Ungesma was uninjured after the first shots were heard and told him Vanmeter had tried to rob him, reported the Lafayette Journal & Courier.
After the pizza delivery driver told to call police, he saw Billups walk up and shoot Ungersma, Gibson told police. 
Police reported that they found Joshua Ungersma, 37, dead on North 16th Street on August 31 after there were reports of ‘shots fired’ at around 11.15pm.
They also found the body of Billups’ boyfriend Alberto Vanmeter nearby with a Domino’s pizza box, two drinks and cash laying on the ground beside him.
Ungersma, a licensed gun carrier, is believed to have shot Vanmeter in self-defence after the 19-year-old tried to rob him, after which Billups allegedly shot him at point blank range. 

New father Joshua Ungersma, 37, was shot to his death while he delivered a pizza to an abandoned home in Lafayette, Indiana

Police arrived on the scene to find Billups standing over one of the victims. She had phoned the cops with the same phone she ordered the pizza on, reported WISHTV.
The Domino’s Pizza delivery man was found with ‘a .38 S&W revolver in his pocket with the rounds fired’. He had a permit to carry the weapon, Police said 
When police ordered Billups to show her hands, she threw a 9mm handgun onto the sidewalk and was detained, reported WTHR.
A coroner determined Ungersma died of multiple gunshot wounds while Vanmeter died of a single gunshot wound. 
Billups was charged in Tippecanoe Superior Court 2 with killing Joshua Ungersma and is being held without bond.
In a second murder count, she was also charged with causing Mr Ungersma to kill Alberto Vanmeter, 19. 
She was also charged with conspiracy to commit armed robbery, armed robbery, theft, pointing a firearm, and carrying a handgun without a license. 
The teen murder suspect told the judge during an initial hearing on September 8, that her family was planning on hiring an attorney.
Her trial date was set for February 23, 2021.

Josh Ungersma,seen with his infant son, Sebastian, took up a second job as a Pizza delivery driver to support his young family
Ungersma worked at Domino’s store [photo], on Greenbush Street in Lafayette, Ind. According to the owner, the store will be donating 75 percent of their sales through the week to his family

‘We’re a family here, and we’re a team, and we’re going to take care of whatever we can take care of at this point.’
Joshua Ungersma a butcher at Payless Supermarket for 13 years worked a second job at a Domino’s store on Greenbush Street in Lafayette. He is survived by his wife Jenny , stepson Logan Hindsley, and his six-month-old son Sebastian.
He joined the Domino’s staff two years ago for extra cash to support his young family. The store announced that they are donating 75 per cent of sales through the week to his family. 
The store owners hope to raise around $15,000 for the Ungersma family to support his newborn baby.
‘We want to be able to do whatever we can for the family,’ Domino’s store owner Jimmy Ruedlinger said:
‘They’re going through a lot right now, obviously, with the loss of their father, the husband, a son in the mom’s case’. 

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