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Bay Area investment firm VP, 49, kills his nine-year-old son in murder-suicide – Ex wife says Stephen O’Loughlin, developed a ‘cult-like paranoia about vaccinations’ during custody battle

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Bay Area investment firm VP killed his nine-year-old son before turning the gun on himself, in murder-suicide on Wednesday

Stephen O’Loughlin killed his son after he developed a ‘cult-like paranoia about vaccinations’ during custody battle with child’s mom

Police in San Francisco say 49-year-old O’Loughlin, shot his son, Pierce, and then himself inside his apartment in Marina District on Wednesday

O’Loughlin’s ex-wife, Lesley Hu, asked for welfare check after her son failed to show up for school that day

Hu’s lawyer, Lorie Nachlis, said O’Loughlin suffered from untreated mental illness that caused him to become obsessed with Pierce’s health

In court filings, Hu wrote that O’Loughlin became involved with self-help group and turned into anti-vaxxer

O’Loughlin, had agreed to vaccinate Pierce a day before murder-suicide

Hu, a top executive at a cargo company, filed for sole custody so she could vaccinate her son

San Francisco business executive Stephen O’Loughlin, 49 [photo], shot and killed his nine-year-old son, Pierce, and then himself amid a custody battle on Wednesday

A San Francisco investment firm VP who has been described as a mentally ill anti-vaxxer obsessed with government mind control killed his nine-year-old son and then himself last week amid a legal battle with the boy’s mother over his vaccinations and health care.
Police officers performing a welfare check found Stephen O’Loughlin, 49, and his son, Pierce, dead from gunshot wounds inside the O’Loughlin’s apartment in the 3800 block of Scott Street in San Francisco’s Marina District on Wednesday evening
Officers were performing the welfare check at the request of the boy’s mother. She called the police after learning that her son had failed to show up for class at his private Catholic school. 

Nine-year-old Pierce O’Loughlin [photo], was shot and killed by his San Francisco based business executive dad, Stephen O’Loughlin, who then shot and killed himself amid a custody battle on Wednesday
San Francisco police officers performing a welfare check at the request of Stephen O’Loughlin’s ex-wife found the bodies of the father and son inside this apartment building in the 3800 block of Scott Street on Wednesday

Police are investigating the deaths as a murder-suicide.
O’Loughlin and his ex-wife, Lesley Hu, executive vice president at a cargo container supplier, had been locked in a bitter custody battle that revolved around their son’s health care.
Lesley Hu’s attorney, Lorie Nachlis, claimed that her her ex-husband, Stephen O’Loughlin, suffered from untreated mental illness, which made him paranoid about vaccinations and obsessed with his son’s health. 
The San Francisco power couple divorced in 2016, and Hu was seeking sole custody of their son so that she could make medical decisions on his behalf without interference from her ex-husband.
O’Loughlin had given his consent to have Pierce vaccinated on Tuesday, a day before their deaths. A trial concerning the custody battle was set to take place in March, reported San Francisco Chronicle.  
A lawyer for Pierce’s mother, Lesley Hu  said O’Loughlin suffered from untreated mental illness that caused him to become obsessed with the boy’s health

Lesley Hu  seen [photo], with her son Pierce O’Loughlin, said her ex-husband suffered from untreated mental illness that grew into an obsessesion with their son’s health
Lesley Hu, seen [photo with Pierce], wrote that ex, Stephen O’Loughlin, became involved with a self-help group he joined in 2012, and turned into an anti-vaxxer

According to court records from last September, Hu wrote that O’Loughlin joined a ‘new-age, self-help group’ in 2012 and became convinced that the government was using mind-control on Americans.
O’Loughlin had refused to allow his son to be vaccinated from a young age, claiming that Pierce was vaccine-injured and had suffered serious side effects as a result of receiving shots as a baby. 
Hu, however, denied her ex-husband’s claims and argued that Pierce’s doctors strongly recommended that he be fully vaccinated.    
‘[O’Loughlin’s] stance on vaccinations has taken on a cult-like tone,’ Hu alleged.
The mother also claimed that her ex-husband had become so consumed with their son’s health that he would videotape his breathing several times a day ‘to document a stuffy nose.’ 

Hu’s attorney Lorie Nachlis [left] says nine-year-olld Pierce O’Loughlin [right], was not killed over vaccinations, but because his father felt he was losing control and wanted to punish his ex-wife 

Nachlis, Hu’s attorney, pushed back against the narrative that Pierce was killed over his parents’ feud over vaccinations or a stuffy nose, arguing that he carried out the murder-suicide because he felt he was losing control. 
‘He punished Leslie with the ultimate act of violence, killing her child, and she will suffer as I believe was intended for the rest of her life,’ Nachlis said
While they were married, O’Loughlin and Hu were heavily involved in San Francisco’s cultural life and helped organize various events.  According to his LinkedIn page, O’Loughlin served as regional vice president at LoCorr Funds, an investment management company.
His ex-wife, Lesley Hu,had only recently been promoted to executive vice president at Waterfront Global, a container supplier where she has worked for more than 15 years.

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