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Footage from baby monitor shows kidnapper, Darriynn Brown, came back at daybreak for Cash Gernon’s twin brother, two hours after the four-year-old was taken from the same bed and murdered, but was spooked and fled

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Alleged Dallas kidnapper Darriynn Brown was captured on surveillance camera footage returning to the same bedroom he had snatched four-year-old Cash Gernon on May 15

Brown, 18, came back at daybreak for Cash Gernon’s twin brother two hours after the four-year-old was taken from the same bed and murdered: Suspect got spooked and fled

On his return around 7am, footage from the baby monitor showed Brown hovering menacingly over Carter Gernon as he slept in the crib he shared with his twin brother Cash

Brown however, appears to have been spooked by a sound in the house and fled, leaving sleeping Carter behind

Earlier that morning, around 5 am, Brown had been captured on camera creeping into the bedroom, snatching up Cash and making off with him

Cash Gernon’s dead body was found on a Dallas street an hour and forty five minutes later, about half-mile away, he’d been stabbed to death

Brown was arrested charged with kidnapping on Saturday

He is expected to face additional charges pending the results of a forensic analysis

Footage from a baby monitor in the twins’ bedroom shows Darriynn Brown creeping into the bedroom just before 5am on Saturday, [image]. Brown is seen hovering over Cash who is sleeping alongside his twin brother Carter in a toddler bed 

The chilling moment Darriynn Brown hovers menacingly over the crib of Carter Gernon, as Cash lay stabbed to death on a street a half-mile away, is captured on home surveillance footage. The footage shows the suspect abducting four-year-old Cash Gernon before stabbing him to death and dumping his body on a street in Dallas.
Brown, 18, was also seen returning hours later at daybreak, in a bid to snatch his victim’s twin brother Carter. 
Brown is seen reaching down and to touch Carter as he stirs in his toddler bed, before wandering around the room, seemingly disturbed by a sound, and fleeing the room, leaving the boy sleeping peacefully. 

Moment four-year-old Cash Gernon was snatched from his bed early Saturday morning has been revealed by home video footage

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Darriynn-Brown-left-killed-Cash-Gernon-right-4.jpg
Murder suspect Darriynn Brown, 18 [left], was already wearing an ankle monitor from a prior offense when he was arrested charged with kidnapping on Saturday. He is expected to face additional charges pending the results of a forensic analysis. The suspect reportedly, is known to the family, but it is unclear why he targeted the twins 

A few hours earlier just before 5am, Brown allegedly broke into the same home and made off with Cash, who was later found dead, shirtless and barefoot about eight blocks away on the 7500 block of Saddleridge Drive. 
On Tuesday, the Dallas Medical Examiner revealed Cash had died of multiple stab wounds, that police had earlier said appeared to have been inflicted by an ‘edged weapon.’  
The two brothers had been staying at the home located on the 7500 block of Florina Parkway where they shared a bedroom located in the back of the house. In night vision footage, Brown is shown creeping around the boys bedroom in dressed in a hoodie, backpack, sweatpants, and sneakers. He hovers menacingly over the two sleeping boys. 

The intruder who allegedly gained entry through the unlocked garage door, appears to hesitate for a few seconds, staring at the brothers and looking around the room, before finally reaching down and carefully pulling back the boys’ blanket

He appears to hesitate for a few seconds, staring at the brothers and looking around the room, before finally reaching toward the bed and carefully pulling back the boys’ blanket. 
Brown stands motionless for another couple seconds while extending his arms over the Cash, carefully trying not to wake the pair.  
Then, in one swift motion, he quickly picks up Cash, who is immediately awoken, and bolts out of the room with the boy in his arms. 

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Darriynn-Brown-is-caught-on-surveillance-camera-abducting-Carter-Gernon-1.jpg
Brown appears to be at pains not to wake the two boys throughout the video, before he quickly picks up Cash, who is immediately awoken, and bolts out of the room with the toddler in his arms

Carter, meanwhile, can be seen stirring slightly on the right side of the bed seconds after his brother is taken. 
Roughly an hour and 45 minutes later, Cash was found lying dead in a pool of blood in a quiet residential Dallas street after being stabbed with what police described as an ‘edged weapon.’  
A second and further disturbing clip also shows Brown returning to the bedroom after daybreak around 7am, this time apparently targeting Carter.   
Brown is seen hovering the boy who is still asleep, but leaves empty-handed after a few seconds after he appears to be scared off by someone or something.  
Monica Sherrod, 39, who lives in the home with her family, identified herself as the guardian of the two boys. The boys have been in her care after their father – her ex-boyfriend – vanished in March leaving the behind, Sherrod said. 
Sherrod identified Brown to police after watching the security footage of the snatch early Saturday.

A second clip reveals Brown returned to the scene after sunrise, around 7am, in an apparent attempt to abduct Cash’s twin, Carter, but leaves without the sleeping boy after he was apparently scared off by sound in the house
Carter Gernon later wakes up to find his twin brother Cash missing from his bed and goes searching for him.

The boys’ bedroom is located at the back of the house, near the rear entrance, and away from where other members of the family sleep..
Brown allegedly, gained access through the unlocked garage door and forced entry through the back door into the house. Sherrod revealed that Brown was known to the family as the brother of her older sons’ friend, but said she does not know why he would’ve targeted the toddlers. 
‘Other footage shows him returning at 7am. It seemed he was spooked by someone,’ Sherrod said.
‘It chills me to think that he could have been coming back for Carter,’  she said.
Sherrod fought back tears as she replayed the disturbing video of the abduction once again. 
‘It shows him [Brown] taking the blanket off Cash and shows him snatching him and running with him while he is still asleep,’ she said. 
‘He stares at him for a minute. I have watched it over and over again. I can’t watch it anymore.’   

Cash, 4, [right], was asleep next to his twin brother Carter [left] when he was snatched from bed and killed shortly after, allegedly by Darriynn Brown on May 15
Brown snatched Cash from the home of Monica Sherrod, their father’s ex-girlfriend. The toddlers had been staying at the home after their dad vanished in March and left them in her care

Earlier, Sherrod broke down in uncontrollable sobs while visiting a makeshift memorial at the street curb where Cash was found, for the first time. 
‘We were all asleep when it happened. Cash usually wakes me up but he didn’t wake me [that day]’ she said.
‘When I got up, I noticed he was gone. I called 911. I didn’t even know somebody had taken him. 
‘I thought he might have gone outside. That was until I watched my surveillance camera, which showed someone taking him out.’  

‘OK this is a human. This is not a dog, this is a human being.Antwainese Square, 39, had set out on a morning power walk in Dallas’s Mountain Creek neighborhood Saturday when she discovered Cash Gernon’s lifeless body on the street
The lifeless body of cash Gernon was discovered just before 7am Saturday by a woman out on an early morning walk around the Mountain Creek neighborhood

Cash’s lifeless body was discovered just before 7am Saturday by passerby Antwainese Square, 39, who had set off on an early morning power walk around the city’s Mountain Creek neighborhood. 
Square initially believed she had stumbled upon the body of a dog: “I turned into the street and thought I saw a dog lying there. We have a lot of loose dogs around here,” she said. 
‘I called my mom, because the only thing I could see at first was the hair. I said, “Mom, it’s weird, it’s not moving,” so I started to walk slow and the closer I got I started noticing things.
‘I said, “Mom, I see a hand, I think I see a body. I think I actually see a body.” And I got close, and I said, “Mom, it’s a child. It is a child.” And I just started screaming.’
Square hung up and called 911. Paramedics did their best to calm her down and asked her to check for any signs of life.  
‘They asked me to walk right up to the body in case the little boy was still alive. And if he was, for me to try to save his life,’ she said. 
‘I saw ants crawling all over his bare feet and he had blood over his face. He had no shoes, no socks, no shirt, none of that. 
He was only wearing a pair of bottoms, shorts. I just keep remembering those ants at the bottom of that baby’s feet.
‘He was on his back in the roadway. I remember one arm and one leg out. And the reason why I remember the arm and leg is because when I was walking up from afar, that was the determination of me knowing, OK this is a human. This is not a dog, this is a human being.

Monica Sherrod’s son Kamron Moori [photo], lashed out at the ‘evil’ killer on Monday as he mourned the loss of the boy, he’d come to regard as a baby brother

‘And when I noticed it was a kid I just freaked out. My initial thought was, one of these loose dogs has gotten to this baby because of the blood on his face. And then I thought, maybe somebody ran over him like a hit and run.’
Square, an educator, said she remembers setting off on her morning walk and activating the steps counter on her phone at exactly 6.40am. Five minutes later, she was confronted by the scene of horror.
She continued: ‘I stayed with him until the police came, there was no way in the world I was going to leave that baby on his own.
‘Whether he was dead or alive, I just wasn’t going to leave him. My fear was somebody was going to accidentally run over him.’   
Monica Sherrod’s son Kamron Moori, 18, on Monday lashed out at the ‘evil’ killer on Monday as he mourned the loss of the four-year-old he’d come to regard as a baby brother, and whom he described as a sweet little boy.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Cash-Gernon-is-mourned-at-the-spot-where-his-body-was-found-1.jpg
Monica Sherrod [in blue dress], who identified herself as Cash’s guardian, broke down in tears as she visited a makeshift memorial near where the toddler was found

Moori said he lived with Cash and his twin brother, and that his mother, Monica Sherrod, dated Cash’s father. 
The children’s father, who is not named, departed Sherrod’s home suddenly in March, leaving the boys behind with her. 
Authorities have said additional charges are expected once forensic evidence has been reviewed.
Also, Dallas police said that the boys’ biological mother, Melinda Seagroves, did not know they were in the care of their father’s girlfriend and that the mother had been searching for her sons. Carter Gernon, the surviving twin was reunited with his mother after the death of Cash.  
Police said Sherrod helped them identify Brown as the kidnapper seen in a video from a baby monitor in Cash’s room. 
Brown’s bond is set at $1.5million.
At the time of the kidnapping Brown was wearing an ankle monitor stemming from a separate arrest last month. 
He had been arrested on April 27 on a misdemeanor charge of evading arrest in a case that´s still pending. 
Neighbors have said Brown was known to walk in the area. According to court documents for that charge, Darriynn Brown lives with his parents a half-mile from where the area where the toddler’s body was found.

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