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‘I did a horrible thing’: Oregon man, 25, ‘shot sister-in-law, 29, in the back of the head’ after an argument about laundry

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Police in Oregon arrested Shane Finnell Sunday morning and charged him with second-degree murder in the killing of Alexandra Arb-Bloodgood

‘I did a horrible thing’, Finnell, 25, allegedly told police after he shot his ‘sister in law: 29, in the back of the head after an argument with his brother about Laundry’

The police reported that Finnell had thrown a potted plant at his brother, Jordan Arb, during an argument over laundry before the killing

Authorities say that after the fight between the brothers, Finnell walked up behind and shot his brother’s wife, Alexandra Arb-Blood, as she sat on the rear patio of her home, Police said he shot her in the back of the head

Shane Finnell, 25, from North Oregon was arrested Sunday morning and charged him with second-degree murder in the death of his sister in law, Alexandra Arb-Bloodgood. Police say he shot his sister-in-law in the back of the head after he got into an argument with his brother over laundry on Sunday morning.

When police arrived he encountered at a home in North Oregon on Sunday morning to investigate a domestic situation, they officers were met by a man on the front lawn of the house, who reportedly told them, ‘I did a horrible thing,’ before he was taken into custody.
Shane Finnell, 25, allegedly shot his sister-in-law Sunday morning after an argument he had with his brother over laundry, police reported. Officers arrived at the scene of the shooting at 8:34 a.m. to find Alexandra Arb-Bloodgood, 29, dead in her suburban North Portland home from a gunshot wound to the head, according to court documents.
Police arrested him, on the scene and charged him with second-degree murder and unlawful use of a weapon in the killing.  
Finnell’s brother, Jordan Arb, told police that the shooting took place after the two got into an argument over laundry, during which Finnell threw a houseplant at Arb. 
After the argument, Finnell allegedly walked up behind Arb-Bloodgood with a chrome-plated revolver and shot her in the back of the head as she sat in a chair on the rear patio of her home.
Court records from a dismissed, month-old speeding ticket suggest that the three lived together in the home, The Oregonian reported. Details on Finnell’s employment status weren’t clear.
Upstairs neighbor Jacob Chow told police that he heard a single gunshot before looking outside to see Finnell standing across the street appearing upset and ‘flailing’ his arms. 

Family described Arb-Bloodgood as ‘a great person.’ A dismissed speeding ticket suggests that Finnell lived with her and her husband, Jordan Arb

When Chow asked Finnell what happened, he reportedly told him that he had shot ‘Alex,’ referring to his brother’s wife.  Chow asked Finnell about the gun used in the shooting and it was found in the front yard of the home. When police arrived on scene, Chow directed them to the gun and told them he was instructed by Finnell to call 911.
Finnell sat in the neighbor’s yard until officers arrived.  
Speaking with Fox 12, Matt Bloodgood, Arb-Bloodgood’s brother, said he was still in shock and that the killing was, ‘Something that should never happen to anyone.’ 
‘She was just a great person,’ he said, describing her as ‘very feisty,’ and adding ‘Word’s cant even describe what kind of person she really was.’ 
 ‘If you ever have anyone that expresses any desire to hurt themselves or others don’t hesitate to try and do something about it,’ he said. 
‘I guess that’s the biggest thing we can pull out of it.’ 

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