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Girlfriend of missing boy’s dad ‘carried child’s body into motel in foul-smelling plastic bin’ – Court documents show Theresa Balboa, 29, lost custody of her own two kids in 2019

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carried child’s body into motel in foul-smelling plastic bin’ – as court documents show she lost custody of her own kids in 2019

Theresa Balboa, 29, is charged with evidence tampering after discovery of body believed to be that of six-year-old Samuel Olson

Court records indicate Balboa was picked up along with black plastic bin from Walmart parking lot and taken to a motel in Jasper, Texas

Man who drove her to motel helped her carry black tote containing child’s body into motel room, but the foul-smelling plastic bin’ led him to later call police

Police arrived at the motel and discovered a small body stuffed into plastic back and wrapped with duct tape inside the bin

Remains have not been positively identified as Samuel, but investigators believe it is the missing boy

Balboa had lost custody of her two daughters in 2019 after failing to show up to court and she was out on bond stemming from November 2020 domestic violence incident targeting Samuel’s father, Dalton Olson

Balboa, court documents show, lost custody of her own two daughters in 2019

Theresa Balboa [left] has been charged has been arrested and charged with evidence tampering in the death of Samuel Olson [right]. She was dating the father of the six-year-old who she claimed was snatched by his birth mother, until footage of her dumping the body emerged

The girlfriend of a man whose six year-old son vanished has been implicated in the cild’s disappearance after she was arrested in a motel room with the child’s decomposing body in a plastic container. Theresa Balboa, of Houston, Texas was witnessed carrying a foul-smelling plastic bin containing a child’s corpse into room 106 at the Best Western motel in Jasper, 175 miles away from houston where she was supposed to be minding the child.
Balboa was dating Olson’s dad Dalton Olson. Samuel, from Houston, was last seen alive on April 30, and was reported missing on May 27. 
Weeks before telling her boyfriend that his estranged wife, Sarah Olson, took his 5-year-old son, Theresa Balboa allegedly confessed to her roommate that Samuel Olson was dead. She then proceeded to put his body in a bathtub for two days, new documents reveal.
Authorities say that on May 10, Balboa called her roommate, Benjamin Rivera, telling him that Dalton Olson’s son had died. Rivera told investigators that he immediately left work and returned home to find the boy laying on the bed, unresponsive and covered in bruises.

After Samuel Olson [photo], died in Theresa Balboa’s apt., she put the body in a “bathtub, where he remained for two days”, her roommate has revealed

Desperate, the pair put Samuel in their apartment’s “bathtub, where he remained for two days” until Rivera was able to buy duct tape and a plastic tote from Walmart, he told authorities.
The court documents state that Rivera and Balboa then wrapped the boy’s body in the sheet before placing him inside the tote bag and taking him to a storage unit in Webster, Texas.
The shocking new details about the death of Samuel Olson, who would have turned 6 on May 29, are the latest twist in a case that has garnered national attention. Police had initially described Olson as being 6 years of age, but clarified in light of the disturbing new details that he was actually only 5 at the time of his death.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Samuel-Olsons-body-was-found-this-motel-in-Jasper-northeast-of-Houston-TX-1.jpg
Police recovered the remains believed to be that of Samuel wrapped with duct tape and stuffed inside a black plastic bin in room 106 at this Best Western motel in Jasper, Texas on Tuesday

29-year-old Theresa Balboa, who lost custody of her two young daughters in 2019, according to other newly revealed papers, after helping with the search for the boy who vanished on her watch on Monday and sharing her anxiety about finding the missing boy with reporters, Balboa called a friend and asked for a ride, telling the man she’d gotten into a fight.
The friend, only identified as Dylan Walker, told authorities he picked Balboa up outside a Walmart in Cleveland, Texas, on Tuesday evening., The store is located around 45 miles north east of Balboa’s home in Houston. The pair went to the storage unit, where they retrieved a large, foul-smelling plastic container and put it into her car.
The next day, the Walker helped her load the black container, which had a yellow plastic lid, onto the back of his truck, then drove her another 88 miles north east to a Best Western motel in Jasper, Texas. 
Once there, the box was carried inside room 106, with Walker so horrified by the smell coming from it that he made an anonymous call to the Jasper Police Department to file a report. Not long after cops showed up at the motel, according to court documents and reportedly found the plastic container in the room and Balboa in the bathroom. 
Police arrived five minutes later and knocked on the door of room 106 multiple times, but received no response. The room was registered to a man named Dylan Walker, the complaint states. 
Officers forced their way in and encountered Balboa in the bathroom and the smell of what the sergeant on the scene recognized as being “possible decomposing human remains,” the document states. When officers asked Balboa where Samuel was, she allegedly told them he “was inside the box.” 
The “black tote with a yellow lid” was zip-tied shut on the floor in the room. Upon removing the lid, which was secured with zip ties, police were said to have found a small body stuffed inside a black plastic bag and wrapped in duct tape.   
Theresa Balboa was arrested by cops in Jasper shortly afterwards, and has since been charged with evidence tampering.
More serious charges are expected to follow in a day or two, after the body has been identified and a cause of death determined.  

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Theresa-Balboa-left-and-Dalton-Olson-right-1.jpg
Samuel’s father, Dalton Olson, seen [right], with his girlfriend Theresa Balboa before the grim find, entrusted the care of his young son to a woman who lost custody of her two daughters because ‘She wasn’t born to be a mom,’.’ He has not been named a suspect

Meanwhile, it emerged on Wednesday night that Balboa previously lost custody over her two young daughters in 2019 over claims she was a bad mom.
Click2Houston reports that the girls, now aged six and eight, were removed from their mom’s care after she failed to show up to court for a custody hearing. The father of Balboa’s children was also a no-show, and the children were given to a family member, who was appointed their guardian.
The woman told the station that Balboa was not taking good care of her daughters. ‘She wasn’t born to be a mom,’ the guardian said.
Shortly before the discovery of the child’s body and Balboa’s arrest, Tim Miller, the founder of the volunteer search group Texas Equusearch, was said to have confronted the woman about apparent inconsistencies in her story concerning Samuel’s disappearance.
‘I told her, I said, “I’m so damn disappointed in you,”’ Miller told KHOU11. ‘I said, “You know, every word you’re saying is a lie.” And that’s when things started unravelling, I think.’ 
Balboa, who at the time was out on bond stemming from a domestic violence incident, was the one who reported the child missing on May 27, although the boy’s last verified sighting was on April 30 at his school.
Balboa claimed that Samuel’s mother, Sarah Olson, and a person dressed as a police officer showed up and took the boy from the home.
Sarah Olson said through her attorney that she did not know the whereabouts of her son, and that despite having primary custody of him, she had been denied access to him by his father since January 2020. 
Balboa is currently jailed in Jasper County, but she will be returned to Houston to face the evidence tampering charge.Houston Assistant Police Chief Heather Morris said during a press conference on Wednesday that more charges are possible once an autopsy is complete. 

Sarah Olson, Samuel’s birth mother (pictured together, left), said through a lawyer that she had primary custody of the boy but had not seen him since January 2020 

Samuel’s family have spoken out after the discovery of the body presumed to be his, revealing their devastation. 
‘[I am] shocked and so many other things that words cannot explain at the moment,’ Tonya Olson, the boy’s paternal grandmother, told CNN. ‘We are grieving as a family. None of us can wrap our heads around this. My son or anyone in our family had absolutely nothing to do with this.’
Miller, the founder of Texas Equusearch, said that he was with Samuel’s paternal relatives after the discovery of the body and witnessed their heartache firsthand. 
‘It was just devastating over there last night and seeing dad go through all the pain and grief and everything he was going through,’ Miller said, referring to Dalton Olson, the boy’s father.
Assistant Police Chief Morris said Dalton Olson is not considered a person of interest in his death at this time, but investigators continue to speak with him. No motive has been disclosed so far. 
Samuel’s biological mother, Sarah Olson, released a statement through her attorney, demanding justice for her son. 
‘I do not want people to forget Samuel’s name,’ she stated. ‘Please Let the outside world know that I’m a heartbroken, but I believe that body is my baby.’ 
Balboa reported Samuel missing on May 27 in the 8800 block of McAvoy Drive in Houston, having claimed the boy was taken by his biological mother and a person dressed as a police officer.

Dalton Olson is pictured embracing his mother, Tonya,, with his girlfriend standing on the side. Tonya Olson said the family are devastated 

Cops were unable to verify Balboa’s version of events.
The last confirmed sighting of Samuel was April 30 at Holbrook Elementary School.
Samuel’s paternal grandmother claimed he was with her the following weekend, May 8-9, and that she then heard his voice on the phone days before he was reported missing. 
On Monday, police executed a search warrant at an apartment where Balboa has been living with a friend and impounded her Dodge sedan.  
Court records reveal a troubled history Balboa had with the father of two of her own children of whom she lost custody a year-and-a-half before this week’s tragic developments.
Court records indicate that Balboa was charged with assault of a family member – impeding breathing in November 2020 after she allegedly choked Dalton Olson.

Unfit mother: Theresa Balboa seen in mugshots has past littered with violent conduct, domestic abuse and negligence

Balboa was charged with assault of a family member – impeding breathing in November 2020 after she allegedly choked Dalton Olson. Olson was said to have been issued an emergency protective order against Balboa.
Olson was said to have been issued an emergency protective order against Balboa, barring her from having direct contact with the victim or any member of his family.
When asked about the order prior to the discovery of the body in the motel, Olson said that he and Balboa have reconciled, and that the choking incident had nothing to do with his son, who was not present during that altercation.
Olson further defended Balboa, saying that she had been helping him care for his son while he was at work. Houston Police share updates on the missing boy Samuel Olson

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