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Las Vegas man,45, ‘murdered by his daughter, 16, and her boyfriend, 18, who bragged about the killing on video,’ was stabbed 70 TIMES and left with burns over half of his body, autopsy reveals

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Las Vegas police found the badly burned body of Daniel Halseth, 45, inside the garage of his Las Vegas home on April 9

His daughter Sierra Halseth, 16, and her boyfriend Aaron Guerrero, 18, were arrested three days later in Utah

They have both been accused of murder authorities say the couple killed Daniel after he tried to stop them from being together

An autopsy report released by the Clark County Coroner revealed Daniel was stabbed 70 times, before his body was mutilated and burned

Aaron Guerrero, 18, [left], and Sierra Halseth, 16, [right], have been accused of killing Sierra’s dad, before trying to dismember him. The pair Guerrero’s parents said had been trying to run away together, for the past year, despite efforts of parents to keep them apart

A Las Vegas father allegedly killed by his teenage daughter and her boyfriend was stabbed 70 times before his body was cut up and burned in a grizzly remains of Daniel Halseth, 45, were found stuffed in a sleeping bag in the garage of his home on April 9. His daughter, Sierra Halseth, 16, and her boyfriend, Aaron Guerrero, 18, were arrested in Utah four days later. 
The pair have both been indicted on charges of murder, conspiracy, arson and  robbery, and are being held behind bars. 

Daniel Halseth, [left], was stabbed 70 times before his body was mutilated, stuffed into a sleeping bag and set on fire. His daughter Sierra [left], the alleged killer, went on to record this mirth filled video with her co-conspirator and boyfriend days after the crime, bragging about killing someone

On Wednesday, an autopsy report released by the Clark County Coroner shed new light on how Daniel met his violent end. 
The coroner determined Daniel had been stabbed 70 times, including 42 times in the back. One of the stab wounds cut through a major artery in his neck, while both of his lungs had been punctured. 
He additionally sustained wounds to his shoulders, hands, wrists and fingers. At least one wound appeared to have been made by a saw. 
Daniel Halseth was ‘subsequently mutilated’ before being placed into a sleeping bag which was set on fire. He suffered burns to 40 percent of his body. 
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‘Welcome back to our YouTube channel – day 3 after murdering somebody!’ Boy, 18, and his girlfriend, 16, laugh and joke on social media ‘after killing […]
‘It was worth it,’ Sierra and Aaron were seen bragging in a video which surfaced after they were arrested for allegedly killing one of their parents. In the unsettling video after they appear to rationalize the killings and admit to the murder

Prosecutors believe Sierra Halseth and Aaron Guerrero carried out the gruesome murder after Daniel forbade them from seeing each other. 
Shockingly, the couple allegedly recorded a warped video where they joked about committing murder – three days after Halseth was killed.  
‘Welcome back to our YouTube Channel: Day 3 after murdering somebody,’ Guerrero can be heard saying in the recording, which was discovered after their arrest.   
The video shows Sierra and Aaron Guerrero lying together inside a tent outdoors as they nuzzle one another.  
It has yet to be revealed when exactly the video was shot, or if it was posted to any public social media.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police and the Vegas Fire and Rescue responding to a call for a welfare check around 2:15 p.m. on April 9 in 8400 block of Dunphy Court. Officers discovered Daniel Halseth’s body after his elderly mother phoned police saying she had not heard from him 

Officers discovered Halseth’s body after his elderly mother phoned police saying she had not heard from him.
While searching his home, police found a new chainsaw on the ground in the living room. In the kitchen, cops found a bloody circular saw with extra blades in packaging, as well as a handsaw and two folding knives.
Cops noted that the an ‘extensive’ clean-up effort had been attempted throughout the home – but they also found receipts from a Home Depot and an ATM. 
According to KVVU-TV, Aaron’s mother allegedly told cops her son and Sierra dated from June 2020 to December 2020 but their parents decided to keep them apart after they had previously planned on running away to Los Angeles.
The teens were arrested on April 13 after a warrant was issued for 18-year-old Aaron. They were found in Salt Lake City when police stopped them to ask for proof of paid fare on a train. A subsequent investigation uncovered surveillance footage of Aaron at a Home Depot buying the saws and gloves that were found in the home. 

Despite these photos that suggest what would be a loving father-daughter relationship, 16-year-old Sierra Halseth, [left] is charged with killing her father Daniel Halseth [photos, right], dismembering the body and torching their home with the body inside
Aaron Guerrero, 18, [photo], appeared in court at the Regional Justice Center, on April 28, in Las Vegas where he was charged with the killing of Daniel Halseth. DA’s office is considering whether to seek the death penalty for Aaron
Sierra Halseth, 16, [photo]also appeared in court in Las Vegas on April 28, where she was charged along with her Guerrero in the murder of her father, Daniel Halseth. The pair face charges of murder, conspiracy to commit murder, arson, credit-card fraud, and robbery. Unlike her co-conspirator, Aaron, her age exempts her from the death penalty

Surveillance footage from a grocery store shows Sierra buying two gallons of bleach and a gallon of orange juice, police told KVVU-TV. ATM surveillance video also shows her using her father’s debit cards.
Earlier this month, Chief Deputy District Attorney Christopher Hamner said  his office is considering whether to seek the death penalty for Guerrero. Sierra’s age exempts her from the death penalty.  

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