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Texas boy, 17, charged as an adult after fatally stabbing twin sister in her bed – Cops said Benjamin Elliot didn’t dial 911 to say he’d stabbed his twin sister, Meghan, to death while sleepwalking until an hour after attack, as family close ranks

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Benjamin Elliott from Katy in Harris County, is charged with first-degree murder for allegedly stabbing to death his twin sister, Meghan

The teen claimed he was sleepwalking when he stabbed to death Meghan, his twin sister, on Wednesday

Authorities said the 17-year-old will be tried as an adult  

Sheriff’s office says teen called 911 to report the stabbing, and then tried to save his sister by performing CPR on her

However, the teen didn’t report that he’d attacked his twin while sleeping until an hour after attack, according to investigators

Meghan Elliott, 17, was pronounced dead inside her bedroom after being knifed repeatedly

Benjamin allegedly claimed he thought he was sleeping or dreaming when he plunged a knife into his sister’s neck

He only realized what had happened when he pulled the knife from Meghan’s neck, around 2.30 – 3 am and then used a pillow to try to stop the bleeding

Siblings’ parents were at home but were asleep until Benjamin alerted them

After releasing photos of the twins, the family attorney said the siblings were ‘extremely close and best of friends’ y

Deputies had to obtain search warrant because parents refused to grant them access

Judge set Benjamin Elliott’s bond at $100,000, in absentia Thursday morning, because he is in a  mental health unit

Benjamin Elliott, [photo], from Katy, Texas, has been charged with murder for allegedly stabbing to death his twin sister, which he claimed to have done in his sleep. Authorities said the 17-year-old will be tried as an adult  

The 17-year-old boy in Katy, Texas who claimed he was sleepwalking when he stabbed his twin sister to death called 911 and began performing CPR more than an hour after the attack.    
Benjamin Elliott remained in the Harris County Jail overnight, charged with first-degree murder for the slaying of Meghan Elliott at the family’s home in Katy early Wednesday. 
An attorney for the Elliott family made a statement to local news outlets, saying Benjamin and Meghan ‘were extremely close and the best of friends.’ 
Newly released photos of the siblings show them huddling together as children, standing side-by-side on the beach as teens, and laughing together on a coach wearing silly costumes.  
During a Thursday morning court hearing, a judge set Elliott’s bond at $100,000, but he was not present because he is in a  mental health unit. 

Twins Benjamin and Meghan Elliott, 17-year-old twins, seen in a photo released by a family attorney following the Benjamin’s arrest for his sister’s murder 
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Deputies arrested Benjamin Elliott after they found the teenage boy performing CPR on his 17-year-old twin in her bedroom. Their parents were home at the time, but apparently unaware of the incident 
Benjamin Elliott is seen above being detained for questioning, early Wednesday at the family’s home in Katy, Texas by Harris County Sherriff’s deputies, after allegedly stabbing his sister in the neck

If he makes bond, Benjamin will be required to wear a GPS monitor, surrender his passport and abide by a curfew, reported KHOU11
Benjamin is scheduled to be arraigned December 16. 
In Texas, first-degree murder is punishable by the death penalty, or life in prison without the possibility of parole and the minimum age eligibility for capital punishment, is 17.
During the initial hearing on Thursday morning, a prosecutor said he admitted to stabbing Meghan Elliott, but told deputies that he believed he was sleeping or dreaming at the time. He said he only realized what happened when he pulled the knife from his twin’s neck between 2.30 and 3am.
However police said, they have not been able to go into the home to assess the murder scene – verify whether there had been a fight or some sort of struggle, because the parents refused police reentry into the home, without a warrant.
Elliott, 17, from Katy, Texas, has been charged with murder for allegedly stabbing to death his twin sister Meghan, which he claimed to have done in his sleep.
‘The defendant stated after realizing he was not dreaming, he removed the knife and placed it next to the complainant, turned on the light to the bedroom and applied pressure to the wound with a pillow,’ a prosecutor stated.

Sheriff’s deputies had to wait outside the home after the parents refused to let them back into the home to investigate the fatal stabbing of a teen girl by her twin brother, inside her bedroom, on Wednesday

Benjamin called 911 to report the stabbing, and was instructed by the operator to perform CPR on his sister until paramedics arrived.  While on the call with the emergency dispatcher, the teen alerted his parents, who woke up and rushed into Meghan’s bedroom to find their son performing CPR. 
According to the prosecutors, the parents could be heard screaming and crying in the background. 
The first sheriff’s units responded to the Elliott home at 4.45am, more than an hour and a half after Benjamin claimed to have found the knife sticking out from his sister’s neck. 
Benjamin and Meghan Elliott’s parents have not spoken out about the alleged fratricide directly, but released a statement through their attorney, KPRC reported on Thursday.  
‘We are still gathering all of the facts and details of this tragedy,’ William Weston Rucker III stated on behalf of his clients.
‘There is no question Benjamin loved his sister very much. They were extremely close and the best of friends. The family is asking for privacy as they process this heartbreaking event,’ Rucker said.

Sheriff’s deputies at the scene of the fatal Elliott family stabbing in Katy, Harris County, TX on Wednesday

In court on Thursday, attorneys said Benjamin had no history of sleep disorders and had not ingested any drugs or alcohol.
Authorities have said the 17-year-old suspect will be tried for murder as an adult.  
Benjamin and Meghan Elliott both attended Cypress Park High School, and neighbors recalled seeing them walking together to and from the bus stop.
One neighbor recounted recently seeing Benjamin open an umbrella to shield his twin sister from the rain.  
Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said Wednesday that deputies were dispatched to an address in the 4100 block of Brown Meadow Court in Katy at 4.45am and found Benjamin on top of his sister performing CPR on her bed. 
Meghan Elliott was pronounced dead at the scene from multiple stab wounds to the neck.  

Benjamin, seen [right], in an early childhood photograph alongside his twin sister Meghan, loved his twin sister ‘very much,’ according to the family lawyer 
The Elliott family’s attorney said Benjamin and Meghan were ‘extremely close and the best of friends’ 

The siblings’ parents were at home at the time of the violent incident but were said to be asleep. 
Deputies recovered a knife at the scene of the attack, but they had to obtain a search warrant to look for additional evidence inside the family’s home because the twins’ parents refused to let anyone in.  
Pinkens said no motive has been revealed,
According to the authorities, there had been a previous call to the home on Brown Meadow Court stemming from an unspecified family disturbance.  

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