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Businessman charged with attempted murder of Deputy Mayor in Brazil after firing full clip at the fleeing figure who punched him in feud over video that linked the politician’s wife to ‘fraud’

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Surveillance video captured Brazilian politician Fabiano Batista de Lima running for his life in the São Paulo city of Atibaia on Sunday.

This was a development from a local merchant unloading a full gun clip at the fleeing figure after being punched in a feud over online videos that linked politician’s wife, Fatima Batista, to ‘fraud’

de Lima, 52, the deputy mayor of the Brazilian city of Atibaia, wound up being shot in the leg and is recovering 

de Lima visited the home of local business owner Júnior Humberto de Oliveira and was caught by surveillance cameras assaulting the home owner who then pulled a handdgun and started firing him

The deputy mayor was hit when he tried to escape the gunfire

de Oliveira provided video footage of the incident to the Atibaia Military Police and turned over his gun who arrested him for attempted murder

Júnior Humberto de Oliveira opens fire on deputy mayor Júnior Humberto de Oliveira outside the merchant’s home in southeastern Brazilian municipality of Atibaia on Sunday. De Oliveira was struck in the right leg but is recovering

Surveillance cameras captured the moment a deputy mayor was shot at multiple times after he attacked a businessman in the state of Sao Paolo in Brazil.

Júnior de Oliveira was charged with attempted murder Sunday

The merchant, Júnior Humberto de Oliveira, was arrested on an attempted murder charge Sunday after shooting Fabiano Batista de Lima, the deputy mayor of the South Eastern city of Atibaia
Surveillance video captured Deputy Mayor Fabiano Batista de Lima running for his life in the São Paulo city of Atibaia on Sunday.
Before the shots were fired, the 52-year-old politician was seen lunging towards business owner Júnior Humberto de Oliveira and clotheslining him and throwing a punch outside his home.
Batista de Lima apparently attempted to enter de Oliveira’s residence before he turned around and raced down the street as de Oliveira fired multiple shots at his fleeing profile.
The incident unfolded as a result of a dispute between Batista de Lima and de Oliveira over a string of videos that the merchant had recently shared online that linked the deputy mayor and his wife, Fátima Batista, to improprieties, newspaper UOL reported. 

Business owner Júnior Humberto de Oliveira unloads his gun before striking Fabiano Batista de Lima, the deputy mayor of the southeastern Brazilian city of Atibaia, on Sunday

Following several heated discussions on social media, Batista de Lima told de Oliveira that he was going to go to his home to retrieve the video footage.

Fabiano Batista de Lima, the deputy mayor of Atibaia, Brazil, is recovering in hospital [photo], after being shot in the right leg gunshot wound Sunday after he we went over to confront a local businessman at his home

‘Everyone knows that we have suffered continuous attacks on social networks promoted by this person, who does not even respect the honor of our family members,” Bautista de Lima wrote on social media. “Emotionally shaken by the gratuitous attacks fired against my wife, I really went to take (my frustrations on) him.’ 
De Oliveira was standing in front of a gate outside his residence when Batista de Lima charged at him. Batista de Lima was struck on the right leg and was rushed to a local hospital. The wound was not considered life threatening.

Fabiano Batista de Lima, Deputy mayor of Atibaia, in Sao Paulo, Brazil seen [photo], with his wife Fatima Batista. Oliveira allegedly, had recently shared a string of videos online that linked de Lima and his wife to improprieties

De Oliveira turned over footage of the incident and the handgun to the Atibaia Military Police before he was arrested on an attempted murder charge Sunday.
He told the police that he reached into his vehicle and grabbed the gun before he unloaded a full ammunition clip.
‘He fired the shot with the intention of scaring the deputy mayor, stopping the attacks and for his protection and that of his family,’ de Oliveira’s lawyer, Danilo Gerage said, as quoted by Brazilian news outlet G1.
‘There was no shot with intent to kill. He even called the police, handed over the gun and the images.’ 

Leading to the shooting, video shows deputy mayor Fabiano Batista de Lima [red shirt], initiating the attack, lunging at local merchant Júnior Humberto de Oliveira

Police however, disputed de Oliveira’s version of the shooting, pointing out he may have been carrying the weapon due to the amount of time that had passed between the moment he was assaulted by Batista de Lima and when he opened fire.

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